WATCH: Kamal Adli Di Serang Video Explained: Kamal Adli Badly Beaten With Cota In Singapore

A shocking report surfaced at our desk that famous Malaysian actor Kamal Adli was attacked by a person and left the actor with a serious head injury. People have been left stunned after listening to this news. In fact, Kamal Adli’s news is making noise on the internet and taking it by storm. As per the reports, this news has been searched by thousands of people in the past few hours. Meanwhile, it has broken the trend of searches in this stint. This is why we decided to dig deep into the web and gather information about it. Here we have come up with all the imperative details associated with this story. You are just required to follow this article till the end. Kindly drag down the page and take a look below.

Kamal Adli Di Serang Video

Kamal Adli Di Serang Video

Talking about the incident, this incident took place on the last day of Kamal Adli and his wife’s successful expo in Singapore. Reportedly, Malaysian actor Kamal Adli and his wife Uqasha Senrose were in Singapore when an individual seriously attacked the actor and left him with a head injury. This incident took place at a sales carnival event. Scroll down the page and read how did Kamal Adli’s wife react to this incident.

Kamal Adli’s wife Uqasha Senrose took to Instagram and posted a video in which she is explaining what happened with them on the last day of the expo in Singapore. She said, “Around 10 pm, there was an aunt who wanted to take a picture in a wheelchair. My husband and I took a picture with the aunt. Suddenly a man came and asked, where is Kamal? We thought he was a fan. Kamal reprimanded him and suddenly he took out his coat from his pocket and kept hitting the back of Kamal’s head repeatedly until blood splattered on his shirt.

Kamal Adli Di Serang Video

The unknown man also hit Kamal Adli on the cheekbone. The attacker was with a sharp weapon as well. The actor sustained severe injuries in the attack and had to undergo several stitches and surgery. Kamal Adli has a long deep wound on the back of his head. What was the bone of contention in this matter? Reportedly the man has personal issues with Kamal Adli. But some speculated that he attacked Kamal Adli for marrying Uqasha Senrose. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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