Kallie Fagg Dies By Suicide: 8th Grader Commit Suicide In 1st Week Of School

A 13-year-old student died due to suicide. This is the biggest and most shocking case of current time. This incident has happened just some days ago. Since then the news of this case has been viral on the internet. The news of this case is circulating on many social media platforms. The 13-year-old girl was from Forsyth County. She was in the 8th grade and she was studying at the Southeastern Stokes Middle School. The girl was a brilliant and sharp-minded girl, She was artistic, kind, and bright girl. This suicide case has shaken up the people and this is very hard to believe that an 8th grader student committed suicide.

Kallie Fagg

Kallie Fagg Dies By Suicide

An 8th grader student dies by suicide. The name of the student was Kallie Fagg. The student was from the Southeastern Stokes Middle School. The father of the deceased student has described that their daughter was a brilliant student, she never finds difficulties in making friends. Kallie was a talented child who used to participate in various competitions for painting and she has won those competitions. The passing news of the 13-year-old student has shattered the whole world of the internet. The biggest choking thing in this death news is that a 13-year-old girl died because of suicide, this is totally unbelievable.

Kallie Fagg Suicide

The 13-year-old student Kallie Fagg died by committing suicide on 30th August 2023, Wednesday. The family of the child is currently in a devastating situation. The child was very close to her family. The details of the family have not been disclosed yet. Kallie Fagg’s father shared some pictures of his daughter on his official Facebook handle and he wrote that nobody would ever convince him that his daughter was not the pretty, smart, and sweet girl in this whole world. He loves his daughter so much. It’s her mama’s move to hold her very close now.

Kallie Fagg

The 8th-grade student committed suicide because of bullying in school. She committed suicide in the school. According to the source, the funeral service of Kallie Fagg has been scheduled at the First Christian Church of Walnut Cove on 9th September 2023, Saturday at around 2:00 p.m. with Pastor Abby Catoe officiating. The burial is going to be followed in the church. On 8th September 2023, Friday the family is going to receive friends at around 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the First Christian Church. Further details of this is going to be shared after the investigation.

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