Kali Yugi became a mother! The girl gave birth to a child in virginity, an innocent 5-month-old was killed out of spite.

A Kaliyugi mother killed her 5-month-old baby in Kotwali police station area of ​​Dindori City and dumped the body in the flooded Narmada river.

The accused woman has been arrested by the police.

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Mother is our first teacher. Mother just show us this world. Also it is very important to have a mother in our life. In such a situation without mother the whole life becomes sad. Where we are going to tell you about the mother of Kali Yuga, who killed her child. One such case is Madhya Pradesh (Madhya PradeshOriginates from Dindori district. Where a Kaliyugi mother killed her 5-month-old baby in Dindori City Kotwali police station area. At the same time, she dumped the body in the flooded Narmada river. At that time, the police recovered the body of the child on the banks of Narmada located in Keolari village, about 20 kilometers away. Apart from this, the child’s mother has been arrested on charges of murder. Currently, the police have started investigating the matter.

In fact, two days ago i.e. on the evening of July 17, the police received a tip-off that a woman living in Ward No. 6 had stoned her 5-month-old baby to death inside the house. At the same time, half a kilometer away from the house, the bodies were dumped in the overflowing Narmada river due to floods. Taking the matter seriously, the police started searching for the child’s body at night. In such circumstances, after several hours of efforts by the police and divers, the dead body was found on the shore of the Narmada beach located in Keolari village, 20 km away.

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Do you know the whole thing?

According to information, the accused woman is single. Where women and children did not like him since birth. As the accused woman lived with her family. In such circumstances, no family members were present in the woman’s house on the day of the incident. At that time the accused woman was alone in the house. where he kills his child. Kaliyugi’s mother broke the relationship by killing her son. From time immemorial, common people have been praising mother-son love. However, the heinous crime of this murderous mother is being discussed in the area.


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