Fact Check: Is Justin Bieber dead or alive? Canadian singer Death Hoax Debunked

Being famous personalities, it is obvious that them to be the prey of rumours. The journey of every star is incomplete without rumours and that is why we often hear many speculations but some are true and some are fake. This time as well, social media users read an unofficial statement or post that informed them that their favourite Canadian singer is no more. Most of them already believed this news to be fake and knows that it can’t be possible but some believed it and start searching for more information.

Justin Bieber

Is Justin Bieber dead or alive?

If you are using social media platforms then you already know which singer we are talking about and why fans already rejected these rumours before reading them completely. Yes, you are thinking right we are talking about the most popular singer Justin Bieber. Recently his death rumours start trending on Twitter and pulled worldwide attention within a few seconds. The fake rumours about Justin state that, he passed away after suffering from a serious Lamborghini car crash. This is the first time that any news has already starts started to be fake as everyone knows that it can’t be possible that Bieber could die in a car accident.

Justin Bieber

His is quite popular and only after watching the official news can make people believe it. There are many websites that also confirmed this news to be fake and state that he has fallen victim yet again to a demise hoax with the web assassinating the “Sorry” singer in the luxurious car crash. As per the latest fake report, the “Baby” singer was discovered dead after the car crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Rosewell. All this speculation has been started after a piece of fake news started asserting that it has got the full details of the car crash.

Justin Bieber

The website also asserted that Justin was declared dead on the spot by paramedics who appeared at the accident spot. As per the website, the police identified the deceased with the help of a photo ID  and Highway Safety Investigators informed their journalists Bieber lost control while driving the vehicle of his pal which was speeding at 95 miles per hour (mph)O in the 55-moh zone and rolled many times and assassinating him on the spot. In further addition to this, the website states that “Memorial services for Justin Bieber have not yet been declared.”

Some users read this news and started messaging “RIP Justin Bieber” but many of his loyal fans state this news to be fake and request other users to not spread such fake news without having official confirmation. Now, fortunately, the representative of the singer finally cleared this air and stated that he is fine and become part of the celebrity death hoax. The rep states that he is alive and completely fine and requests people to not believe such news unless they get any official information about it.

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