Juhi Dahiya Murder Case: Panipat police remain clueless about killers

In 2016, the Juhi Dahiya murder case came to light, when Crime Patrol Satark Season 1 covered her murder story in its episodes. Crime Patrol Satark released two episodes, episodes 936 and 937, titled “Faceless Suspect Part 1” and “Faceless Suspect Part 2”. Not to mention, the Crime Patrol show has had an immense fan following and viewership since it was launched, thanks to its captivating, chilling, and intriguing crime story episodes. And Juhi Dahiya’s murder case was also one of its heart-chilling and stunning crime stories shown on national television. Many people are still wondering and question about Juhi Dahiya’s murder case. In this article, we will tell you everything that we know about it. You need to read this article till the end for more information and details. Keep reading this column and take a look below.

Juhi Dahiya Murder Case

Juhi Dahiya Murder Case

Police registered a murder case of Juhi Dahiya in 2016 when they found Juhi Dahiya dead in mysterious circumstances. An intensive investigation was launched at that time but the officers could not find or arrest any prime suspect in this case. The case of Juhi Dahiya’s death remained unsolved until police registered another double homicide case of Ramanuj and his wife Sadhna. This double homicide case was later found to be linked with Juhi Dahiya’s murder case. Unfold more details in the following section and read more details.

When Ramanuj and his wife Sadhna were killed, their son Krishna was also attacked but he survived that incident. However, he remains in serious condition. When police started an investigation into this double homicide case eventually doubt developed if the suspect in this case was the same as in Jhi Dahiya’s murder case. Meanwhile, police started thinking again about the mystery of the Juhi Dahiya murder case in order to find a similarity between the two homicide cases. Continue reading this article and know that further details.

Police went on to find a common point that was linked to the two different murder cases. Upon investigating all the aspects of Juhi Dahiya’s murder case again police find a clue that helped in solving the mystery behind the murder case of Juhi Dahiya and Ramanuj & his wife’s murder cases. This heart-chilling crime story was covered by Crime Patrol Satark in two episodes, Faceless Suspect Part 1 and Faceless Suspect Part 2. You can also watch episodes 936 and 937 on YouTube and the SonyLIV app. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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