Judge Hatchett Illness and Health Update 2023: What Happened To Judge Hatchett?

People are concerned about Judge Hatchett’s health condition as her illness has gained the eyes of many people. Here’s everything you need to know about her. Glenda Hatchett, known as Judge Hatchett, is a notable attorney and judge who gained widespread recognition after being the star of the former court show Judge Hatchett. Likewise, she is popular for her appearance in The Verdict with Judge Hatchett. In addition to it, Hatchett is the founding partner at the national law firm named The Hatchett Firm. Furthermore, Hatchett has appeared in several media outlets as a guest commentator and legal analyst on national issues, including on CNN.

Judge Hatchett

Judge Hatchett Illness and Health Update 2023

Apart from her professional life, followers and fans often ask questions related to Hatchett’s personal life, mainly about her health condition. For many people, Judge Hatchett’s illness has been a matter of concern. As of now, there are no details related to Hatchett being diagnosed with any serious disease. So, it can be said that she must be doing pretty well in both her professional and personal life. She must be doing well in her life, at the age of 72, as Hatchett has not said anything about her health matters with the tabloids. Hatchett was never involved in any controversies or rumors regarding Hatchett’s health, in the past too, but it can be confirmed that she is not dealing with any disease.

Judge Hatchett

Apart from that, Regarding Hatchett’s health condition, rumors are circulating on the internet, as many are claiming that she may have dealt with cancer, but there is no truth behind it. It can be confirmed that she is fine and is not diagnosed with cancer. She has not said anything about this topic yet, despite these rumors. As of 2023, Judge Hatchett is fine and she does not have any kind of health issues. As stated earlier, the rumors of the judge being diagnosed with cancer circulated at speed, leaving everybody shocked. The rumors circulated on various social media platforms without any facts, and there is no truth about them. Regarding this matter, some online portals have also posted fake news.

Judge Hatchett

Apart from that, her current lifestyle can be explored by following her on Instagram, where she is verified and she is doing well in her personal life. As she recently talked about her daughter-in-law’s death, she is making headlines. Judge Hatchett recently appeared on CNN, where she talked about her daughter-in-law’s death. In 2016, Kira Johnson died from internal bleeding after childbirth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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