J&T Boss Manager JnT Tambora Commits Suicide Due To Mounting Gambling Debts

This is to inform you that J&T Boss has committed suicide. Yes, you heard it right, the brand head and CEO of JnT Tambora is no more. It is a huge blow to the people who were connected to him in any way. JnT Tambora is a famous shipping service provider in the country. Since JnT Tambora’s boss’s death news broke out, people have been mourning his demise. And some are asking questions about his death such as why did J&T Boss commit suicide, what was his age, and what was the motive behind killing himself. Numerous questions have been floating in people’s minds regarding the same. This is why we have done deep research and a blue study on it. In the following sections, we have catered to the queries floating in people’s minds. You should stick with this page and must go through the following sections of this article. Drag down the page.

J&T Boss Manager JnT Tambora Commits Suicide

J&T Boss Manager JnT Tambora Commits Suicide

Do you know who JnT Tambora CEO and branch head committed suicide? He was known as Alexander Leo Gunawan. He was the branch head of JnT Tambora in Indonesia. According to the reports, Alexander Leo Gunawan committed suicide in his office. He was found dead in his cabin on May 10, 2023. Know more about Alexander Leo Gunawan’s death in the following sections. Swipe down the page.


Alexander Leo Gunawan’s office is located in Tambora, West Jakarta, on Tanah Sereal Street. Putra Pratama who is the chief of Tambora Police said, Alexander Leo Gunawan’s death was allegedly due to financial strains. It is believed that J&T Boss incurred huge financial losses in online gambling, which might be the reason for his suicide. What were the circumstances surrounding Alexander Leo Gunawan’s death? Know this in the next section. Scroll down.


Reportedly, at 4 pm Alexander Leo Gunawan arrived his office that he committed suicide. The employees of his office were working at that time. Later, Alexander Leo Gunawan’s wife arrived at the office to check where he is. Tambora Police Chief said, “Gunawan’s wife arrived and asked about his location. Witnesses reported that they last saw him heading towards the restroom,” Later he was found dead in the storage area on the third floor of the office building. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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