Joshimath mountain is not hollow! It is wrong to say that Karnaprayag and Chamba will be affected

The chief scientist of CSIR said that it is also necessary to understand how much the impact of a large power plant is possible, but it is completely wrong to say that Tehri will have an impact on Karn Prayag and Uttarkashi.

Dr. Vineet Gahlaut, Principal Scientist, CSIR National Geophysical Research Institute Hyderabad

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It is very difficult to prove that Joshimath sinking is man-made. Chief scientist Dr. Vineet Gehlot According to Joshimath like event Himalayas It also occurs naturally in many places. big power plant It is also important to understand the extent to which Tehri’s influence is possible. Karna Prayag And Uttarkashi I would also say it is completely unfair. Let’s get the gist of Dr. Vineet Gehlaut’s conversation with Pankaj Kumar, Executive Editor, PKBnews Digital.

questionAccording to the report published by ISRO, the land subsidence in Joshimath was slow between April and November, whereas it increased rapidly during the first week of December to January. What do you think could be the root cause?

the answerIn the process of land subsidence, the material deposited in it tends to slide off the top of a slope called a slip surface. The reason for this is its own weight, the other reason is considered loose material. Due to anthropogenic development, external forces can range from ingress of water to cut toes. It is difficult to say that the process of land subsidence is initiated only by external forces. Actually land slide or earth quake is a non-linear process. It cannot guarantee the speed to stabilize over time. Because of this, it is not easy to tell the reason why the rate is slow or fast.

questionIt is said that this was necessary to reduce the pore pressure. Joshi Math started sinking due to excess natural and man-made drains. Today Joshi Math is known as the sinking city.

the answerSee, pore pressure increases sliding speed. Water actually develops pore pressure. The role of water is important in areas prone to earthquakes and landslides. You can understand it only when you see the water park. Sliding speed is accelerated due to water.

questionIt is said that the hill of Joshi Math is hollow. The story of Karn Prayag is also coming out like that of Joshi Math. If there is such information about the areas, what is the big mistake in taking precautionary measures?

the answerIt is not at all that the Joshi Math slide affects the Karn Prayag and Chamber slides. There is no connection between them. It would be an exaggeration to say that the hill of Joshi Math is completely hollow. Loose materials are said to have been collected due to land slides in the low-lying area of ​​Joshimath. Loose material increases the probability of sliding. Landslide debris does not have the same strength as solid rock. Fragmented rocks contain more soil and are more prone to sliding.

question– How did anthropogenic developments such as tunneling and use of dynamite affect cities like Rishikesh, Karna Prayag and Joshi Math in Chardham Yatra?

the answer– Anthropogenic development changes the situation but it is very difficult to prove that tunneling and use of dynamite caused the city to sink. Some people are not easy to blame others. This requires data and collecting this data is very difficult Anthropogenic development affects the surrounding areas but work done in Haridwar will affect Karna Prayag and work done in Karna Prayag will affect Joshi Math. To say this is happening would be completely wrong.

questionThe big thermal water project is being blamed for the plight of Joshi Math, with even NTPC being fingered. What should be the speed of development with the help of small thermal projects in the mountains?

the answerLarge dams use land to store water. There is no doubt that the accumulation of water increases the excess weight and the diffusion process causes the water to move to a depth of many kilometers. This causes pore pressure to build up which helps in earthquakes and landslides. If the reservoir is larger than one kilometer square, it can change the surrounding geology, hydrology, soil properties.

In the case of small dams, the load is less but its production capacity decreases with time. Even earlier the capacity is claimed to be 40 MW, but it is less which keeps decreasing with time. But the story of big dam is opposite. That is why it is important to understand the impact of large dams. The impact of the Tehri Dam will not remain at Joshi Math and it is certain that the impact of the Tehri will not extend to North Kashi.

questionBut quoting the report, it is claimed that it is no longer possible to save the Joshi Math. Many other cities including Nainital, Uttar Kashi, Karn Prayag to name a few are also reporting severe danger.

the answerSee, sinkholes and landslides occur in many places in the Himalayas like Joshimath. It is natural to think of some areas where the public is affected. But this process is very normal. Some slopes may be affected by anthropogenic development, but not all. Similarly, if the hill at Joshi Math sinks, it is not true that the nearby mountain will also sink. Similarly, the relationship of one city to another has no scientific basis.

questionProjects like Chardham have been started to accelerate development activities. You believe, in the name of development, we are ignoring far-reaching consequences.

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the answerWho can deny that all our countrymen need development activities. But before undertaking the development activities, an in-depth study on geotechnical, geological and road alignment is very important. If these subjects are studied on a different scientific basis, the results are pleasing. For example, a structural failure was not observed at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Clearly, with the help of the scientific method we can thrive in the most difficult situations. Apparently Chardham’s effort is one of them.


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