Who Is Joseph Ferlazzo? Man Killed His Wife Asked To Pay Her Family $1.5M

Suddenly netizens started searching for Joseph Ferlazzo on the web. Who is Joseph Ferlazzo? Joseph Ferlazzo has become the center of attraction but not for good causes. According to the reports, this man is accused of killing his wife while on a vacation with her. He came into the limelight when a judge asked him to pay over $1.5 Million to his wife’s family. This is the reason this story captivated the attention of people across the world. Here we have come up with all the imperative details related to this story. What are the charges against Joseph Ferlazzo and what he did do with his wife, everything has been explained in the following sections? Follow this column till the end. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Joseph Ferlazzo

Who Is Joseph Ferlazzo?

Let’s start with the charges against Joseph Ferlazzo. Reportedly, Joseph Ferlazzo is charged with first-degree murder and civil wrongful death. In addition, a judge also asked Joseph Ferlazzo to pay more than $1.5 Million to his wife’s family. As far as we know, Joseph Ferlazzo is held with no possibility of bail. He is accused of killing his wife named Emily Schwarz Ferlazzo. The accused is currently 42 years old while his wife was just 22 years old when she died. Get more details about this story in the next sections.

The US Sun stated that Adrienne Bass who is the mother of Emily Schwarz Ferlazzo will get $1.5 million from Joseph Ferlazzo as compensation for the damages. Speaking about the murder of Emily Schwarz, it dates back to October 2021. The couple was on vacation on the occasion of their wedding anniversary in Vermont. The accused confessed that he killed his wife when she went to sleep. Joseph Ferlazzo ambushed Emily two times with his weapon. Learn more details in the next section.

After killing his wife he wrapped her in a waste bag and took her into the camper’s bathroom. Later Emily’s family filed a missing complaint when Joseph Ferlazzo came back home alone. Later he confessed to the murder but also pleaded not guilty in court. However, the final verdict, in this case, is still yet to come out. Joseph Ferlazzo is due to face the judge in court again. Emily’s family’s attorney said, “While this judgment can in no way ever make up for Emily Jean’s death, it acknowledges the family’s terrible loss, and will ensure that Joseph Ferlazzo never benefits from Emily Jean’s murder.”

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