Illness: How did John Motson die? Legendary football commentator passes away at 77

Most of you surely don’t want to hear death news but it’s usually come fore. This time as well, the passing of John Motson is in the news and people are paying tribute to him and feeling extremely sad. Any personality who has a great contribution in any particular field can bring tears to the eyes of anyone and we know that fans of John Motson are currently feeling the same. This name is quite prominent in the sports community and that is why it brought a big shock wave in that community. The entire social media is paying tribute to him and remembering him for his work.

John Motson

John Motson Cause of Death?

He was a retired English football commentator. There are many people who want to know the cause of his demise and they are even searching for it. The report states that at the time of passing, he was 77 years old and reports stated that he passed away due to bowel cancer. He was diagnosed in the year 2014 but still, the doctor was not able to save him. There are many people who are praying for the salvation of his soul and he has received a deluge of tributes on social media. Many of his co-commentator are penning their condolences and expressing their shock over his sudden passing of him.

Gary Lineker made a tweet after learning of his passing which reads, “I was stunned to hear about the passing of John Motson. He was a very talented analyst who has long served as the voice of football in our country. There is no doubt in saying that his passing brings a lot of sadness and he will be sorely missed, Adieu, Motty. May God give rest to his soul.” John was popularly famous for his distinctive style of commentary and his exhaustive understanding of football.

In the year 1968, he started his career in telecasting, serving for the BBC as a radio sports journalist. He soon shifted into the television industry and became a regular commentator on Match of the Day, the flagship football highlights program BBC. He had worked with BBC for more than 5 decades and covered many major and important football matches that include 29 FA Cup Finals, and 10 World Cups. He took his retirement from telecasting in the year 2018, after the World Cup that was held in Russia. Apart from commentary, he also liked to write and due to that, he has written many books that were totally based on football. He used his encyclopedic knowledge of football in the form of writing.

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