Jess Hilarious Controversy: Comedian Says ‘Trans Women’ Aren’t Real Women’

As the comic has continued her previous practice of upsetting the crowds, the Jess Hilarious controversy has once more gathered steam on social media. The comedian known professionally as Jess Hilarious, Jessica Robin Moore, began her career by posting humorous videos on social media. Jess is a native of Baltimore City and possesses a raw urban comedic style. Her humor is renowned for being direct and unadulterated. She recently gained attention for her role in the Trans vs. Cisgender debate, which sparked concerns regarding her support for biological women. Let’s examine the debate that has surrounded Hilarious’s life.

Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious Controversy

Jess Hilarious is the subject of controversy because of her remarks in an online discussion about transphobia and womanhood that labeled her as transphobic. Her comments supporting biological women and her views on transgender people have prompted heated discussions on social media. For instance, TS Madison, a transgender television personality and LGBT campaigner was the cause of the uproar. The discussion supported a TikTok film that addressed the idea of “gatekeeping” menstrual cycles by cis (biological) women. The film argued that it was “transphobic” for cisgender women to assert their right to womanhood and menstruation. Jess launched into a furious tirade on behalf of naturally born women, claiming that transgender people are deluded and that biological women deserve greater assistance.

Many online discussions were sparked by this heated interaction, which some have attributed to the contentiousness of the message’s delivery. Others, on the other hand, fiercely support one side of the debate. In addition to making transphobic statements, Jess Hilarious has come under fire for disseminating racist slurs. After admitting to feeling “nervous” about having four guys wearing turbans on her aircraft, the comic, best known for her part in the Fox comedy “Rel,” found herself defending against accusations of racism. Even though the social media post was taken down, it generated debate and racial insensitivity claims. Jess Hilarious addressed the issue and defended herself on social media.

The tragic occurrence that left at least 50 people dead occurred shortly after a deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. After the recent media saga, TS Madison addressed her stance and made it clear that she supports both cisgender (biological) women and transgender people. The television personality posted a video clip from a prior episode of Amanda Seales’ Small Doses podcast from April 2023 on July 24. TS Madison talked about the false belief held by certain cisgender women that she is envious of them in the video. Additionally, she affirmed that she did not have any animosity toward Black women. However, after voicing her opinion, Hilarious received a lot of hate.

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