Who Is Jennifer Burrows? How Old Is Morgue Worker? Age and Biography explored

Today, we are going to talk about Jennifer Burrows. A recent item from the satirical World News Daily Report has been misinterpreted as being serious by some social media users. According to a made-up narrative in the article, a Kansas City mortuary employee named Jennifer Burrows gave birth to a child who belonged to a deceased man. The website explicitly indicates that it is satirical and that all the personalities featured in its articles are wholly fictitious, so it is important to keep that in mind. Specific people mistook the piece for a legitimate news story, according to comments that accompanied the posted link on social media.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested

Who Is Jennifer Burrows?

People who believed it to be real have propagated the rumor that Jennifer Burrows gave birth to a child that was purportedly fathered by a deceased guy. It is crucial to understand that the story is a fraud, nevertheless. This fictional tale was first published in October 2016 on the mock news website “World News Daily Report.” Due to its frightening and odd content, a modified version of the bogus claim has recently reappeared on social media. It’s interesting to note that in November 2010, Dead Serious News, a different satirical website, published a story with a similar theme.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested

In that instance, a mortuary employee who was 38 years old had sex with a dead man while she was preparing him for burial and as a result became pregnant. When writing their piece about Burrows’ arrest, The World News Daily Report adapted this plot. There is a notice on the website noting that all characters and circumstances are fake. Nevertheless, many people have been disseminating false information because of how enticing the news is. The bogus news report claimed that the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department had revealed that the child of Jennifer Burrows was related to a man who had away in a car accident in 2015.


The post stated that a DNA test determined the deceased guy was the child’s biological father, and that the infant was born on January 7, 2016. Since Jennifer Burrows is a fictional figure and does not actually exist, the age given to her in the fake news item is fictitious. She was identified in the story as a mortuary employee from Kansas City, Missouri, who was 26 years old. The article includes particular information about Jennifer Burrows while being a work of fiction in order to give the feeling of authenticity. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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