Who Is James Harrison? Johnston Rhode Island shooting leaves 2 dead and 1 injured

Shock waves blew from Johnston where a shooting incident took place on May 24. Reportedly, two people were left dead and one was injured in the shooting incident. Ever since the Johnston shooting news came to light, people have been trying to unfold the details of James Harrison. Who is James Harrison? Is James Harrison a victim or a suspect? James Harrison is a suspect who allegedly killed two people and injured one in the shooting on Rhode Island. Initially, the details of the shooter were not revealed by the authorities but now it has been clearly stated that James Harrison was the Johnston man who killed two people. Kindly swipe down the page and find out what was the motive of James Harrison to open fire on three people.

James Harrison Johnston

Who Is James Harrison?

The shooting incident happened on Wednesday at around 7:30 am in Rhode Island. According to the police, the shooter allegedly fired numerous shots at three people. Police described that the victims were involved with James Harrison in a domestic dispute. Yes, the shooting in Rhode Island was a repercussion of a dispute in the neighborhood. Scroll down the page.

James Harrison Johnston

James Harrison was charged with attempting to escape the scene in a vehicle after firing shots at three people. However, police chased him and gunned him down after a standoff between them. Reportedly, no police were found dead. Currently, the case is under investigation and deputies are still looking into the circumstances surrounding the shooting spree. Who were the three victims? The identities of the three victims who died in the Rhode Island shooting have not been revealed. According to the reports, James Harrison fired several shots in a residential area on Wednesday morning. The incident took place around 10 miles West of Providence, Rhode Island. When police arrived and responded to the shooting incident, they found one person dead and another was killed in a nearby place. The third victim of the shooting sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Scroll down the page.

The suspect James Harrison was shot dead by the police officers at the scene. He was killed during a standoff with police. Reportedly, the victim died in the triple shooting in Johnston and reported to police that the suspect James Harrison who lived next door was outside of his teenage daughter’s bedroom window with a ladder the night before. Stay tuned to this website for more updates.

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