How did Jalabala Vaidya die? Tribute Pours In as Indian actress death in Delhi

Theatre actress Jalabala Vaidya is said to be passed away. The news of her passing has made everyone disheartened. What happened to her? What was the cause behind her death? You will get complete details about Jalabala Vaidya in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Jalabala Vaidya

Who Was Jalabala Vaidya?

Jalabala Vaidya was a theatre actress. She was in 1936 born. She is most popular for her role in The Ramayana. The show titled The Epic in English was said to be the only Indian production on Broadway. She began working in theatre production in production, Full Circle. It is a selection of poems and stories. It was super-hit. She started her own art institution by the name, of Akshara Theatre. It is a nonprofit institution in New Delhi. Her full family including herself, her husband, Gopal Sharman, and their daughter, Anasuya Vaidya were involved in its growth.

Jalabala Vaidya Death Reason

Jalabala Vaidya passed away on 9th April 2023, Sunday. She has achieved many awards in her life. The awards refer to The Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Tagore Award, Delhi Natya Sangh Award, and The Andhra Pradesh Natya Akademi Honor. She became an honorable citizen in the city of Baltimore, USA. She has received The Varisht Samman from Delhi Government. Her current husband is Gopal Sharman. He is her second husband. Her first husband was a journalist and columnist C.P. Ramachandran.

Jalabala Vaidya

She met Gopal at an arts and life poet-playwright. Her daughter, Anasuya Vaidya Shetty, mentioned that she was battling respiratory ailments. She was 86 years at the time of her passing. Vaidya is a daughter of a freedom fighter and author, Suresh Vaidya. She began her carrier in journalism. She wrote for several newspapers and magazines. She has three grandchildren named Nisha Shetty, Dhruv Shetty, and Yashna Shetty. Let us discuss more her professional life.

Jalabala Vaidya

Jalabala Vaidya Husband

Jalabal Vaidya’s work in The Ramayana was appreciated by a lot of people including national and international newspapers. If we talk about her performances, she is an extremely talented human. She has made her performance appreciated in 35 cities. The UN headquarters and National Arts Centre also adore her work. Her non-profit organization, Akshara Thaertre was designed by her husband, Gopal. It shows her love for arts and theatre performances. She used to play different roles in different plays. Later, she also started directing plays in her Akshara Theatre. Vaidya also trained young actors. She will always be remembered by her loved ones. Stay tuned for more details.

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