Who are Jacob Lennon Parents? Meet Mother and Partner Jake Drummond

In this article, we are going to share the news of Jacob Lennon. Jacob Lennon was a 15-month-old kid who passed away. The mother of the 15-month-old child who died and her partner, Jake Drummond, were found guilty. Drummond struck the young kid and shook him to death. Because of the swelling and bruises on his face, little Lennon was once described as having a “panda” face. Jacob’s mother did not shield him and even made fun of the fact that he resembled a young lunatic. The worst case of Dt Ch Insp Wayne Jolley’s three-decade career at Scotland Yard, he said it was “distressing and emotional” for everyone involved. Louise Lennon, the mother of 32-year-old Jacob Lennon, received a 10-year prison term for failing to provide for his safety.

Jacob Lennon

Jacob Lennon Parents

Jake Drummond, Louise’s drug-addicted boyfriend, was sentenced to at least 32 years in jail for fatally shaking and hitting the young child. Jake Drummond, 33, reportedly used cocaine and smoked up to 15 cannabis spliffs every day. Weeks before Jacob Lennon passed away in August 2019, the horrific abuse started. According to testimony submitted at the pair’s March trial at the Old Bailey, Drummond is accused of causing an extensive variety of injuries to Jacob’s face, body, and genitalia three weeks before his passing. Drummond fatally struck and shook the young kid on August 27, 2019, leaving his face so bruised and bloated that onlookers said that Jacob resembled a “panda.”

Jacob Lennon

Prior convictions for Jake Drummond included drug possession, choking his mother, and pushing an ex-girlfriend into a wall. At the publicly broadcast sentencing at the Old Bailey, Drummond of Roehampton was given a life sentence with a minimum period of 32 years for the murder of Jacob and six years to run consecutively for injuring. Lennon received a concurrent six-year sentence for the cruelty charge, to which she had pleaded guilty, and a ten-year sentence for causing or permitting Jacob’s death. Wayne Jolley, a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, said it was the most tragic case he has encountered in his three-decade career. He continued by saying that it had been “distressing and emotional” for all parties. Jolley said that the 15-month-old infant had experienced some truly terrible and brutal injuries.

Jacob Lennon

At the time of his death, little Jacob had more than 20 wounds on his little body. One of his injuries, according to Jolley, was to his genitalia. Drummond abused Jacob over a period of three weeks despite the fact that he had a significant head injury that ultimately led to his death. Louise Lennon would have understood that these wounds needed medical attention because she was the child’s mother. But she didn’t care. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.


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