WATCH: Jackson Mahomes Video Restaurant Assault Surfaced On Social Media

If you are scrambling to the viral video of Jackson Mahomes and its repercussions, this article will help you a lot. There are many people who are scrounging the weblogs to learn about the controversy that erupted after a video of Jackson Mahomes went viral. We have come up with this article after doing a deep study on it and collecting all the updates on this matter. Recently, Jackson Mahomes was arrested and charged in connection to his viral video. Meanwhile, netizens became curious to ask questions about it. Lots of questions have been prevailing on social media. We have published to column to answer all the imperative questions related to it. If you are also scrounging the articles to read the same, this column will help you a lot. So be sticky with this page and keep reading.

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes Video Restaurant

Jackson Mahomes is the brother of Patrick Mahomes who won his second Super Bowl recently. Reportedly, the matter started when Patrick’s brother was at a restaurant located in Overland Park and he allegedly pushed the waiter and grabbed the owner of the restaurant and kissed her without her consent. Meanwhile, a complaint was filed against Jackson Mahomes. Scroll down the page and read more details.

When did this incident occur? Reportedly, this incident took place in February in Kansas City. Reports have claimed that Jackson Mahomes was arrested on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, following an investigation into the matter that happened at a restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas City. The documents state, Jackson Mahomes grabbed the owner of the restaurant, Aspen Vaughn, and kissed her without her consent. Drag down the page and read more details.

As Jackson Mahomes is the brother of Patrick, this case suddenly picked momentum on the internet and captivated people’s attention. What are the charges against Patrick’s brother? He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with aggravated sexual battery stemming from the incident. In fact, the CCTV footage of the restaurant is the evidence of the incident. Recently, the owner of the restaurant, Aspen Vaughn gave a statement on the matter. Take a look below and read what she said.

Jackson Mahomes

Aspen Vaughn said, “he forcibly kissed me out of nowhere. and I’m telling him, pushing him off saying, ‘What are you doing?’ and then he proceeded to do it two more times, where the last time I was pushing him off, and I can see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door, and I was yelling for them to come help because he’s big and massive.” Get more details about this matter in the following sections.

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes Assault Restaurant Video

The CCTV video of the restaurant also has been released on the Internet. The video is available to watch on every social networking site including Youtube. The clip depicts the scene that Aspen described in the complaint file. The complainant has commented on the incident but the accused has not made any single comment on the incident. The influencer kept his lips tight on this incident. The incident took place exactly on Feb 23, since then the influencer has not posted a single post. Drag down the page and read more details.

The authorities reported that the influencer, Jackson Mahomes was arrested on Wednesday morning shortly after 7 am CT and he was booked at the Johnson County prison. Currently, the accused is on bail of $100,000. Since Jackson’s name was embroiled in a lawsuit, the Mahomes family has remained muted about the allegations. But Jackson’s brother’s wife Brittany recently held a session on social media in which she referenced the situation and showed her support for him. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Jackson Mahomes

During the Q&A session with her fans, Brittany asserted that people do not know the whole story, they are just aware of one side of the matter, and the other side of the incident is still unknown to them. In fact, Brittany was in full support of her brother-in-law. She added that those who criticized Jackson were ‘ignorant’. Furthermore, she went on to say that he’s just human and was trying to find his way in life. Brittany concluded by adding that no one has the right to say anything about Jackson because they haven’t walked in his shoes. Scroll down the page.

Jackson Mahomes

Jackson and his brother’s wife have been close friends for a long time, even before she was married to Patrick. They also have been spotted together various times while watching Kansas City Chiefs games and taking snaps on the sidelines. However, Jackson has been released on bail but he is still subject to appear in court to plead not guilty and denies all the allegations against him. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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