Jack Ginnivan Drugs Video circulated as AFL Collingwood Magpies star suspended for illicit substance use

This is to inform you that Magpies star Jack Ginnivan is embroiled in a controversy following a ban on him amid a drugs bombshell. In fact, Jack Ginnivan has become one of the trending celebrities on the internet in recent hours. Meanwhile, searches for Jack Ginnivan’s drugs video have surged significantly. According to the reports, the Magpies star asserted “I am so remorseful” while responding to the scandal. Since this news surfaced on the internet a lot of queries have started swiveling among the netizens. As he is a noted person this news is making headlines everywhere. If you are also eager to explore this story then you are asked to stick with this column and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page and read more details.

Jack Ginnivan

Jack Ginnivan Drugs Video

The Collingwood star Jack Ginnivan has been penalized for four matches, he will not be available for four matches as he admitted to taking prohibited drugs. Yes, you heard it right, Jack Ginnivan is subject to penalty and suspension after confessing that he had taken drugs. While responding to the matter the goal-kicking young gun on Saturday, Feb 18, 2023, said that he had taken prohibited drugs in the toilets of Torqyay Hotel when he was on a day off the club’s pre-season camp on Victoria’s Surf Coast. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Furthermore, the 20-year-old goal-kicking star admitted that a few drinks and a lack of judgment had let him down. After hearing of this, netizens have been curious to watch Jack Ginnivan’s drug video. In fact, his video has become one of the most searched videos in the last 24 hours. In addition, it has broken the Google trends. Now social media platforms have been flooded with posts related to Jack Ginnivan’s drugs scandal. A news agency also has shared a video of Jack Ginnivan which eventually led to an investigation in it.

Jack Ginnivan

Amid the ban of four matches, the Collingwood star Jack Ginnivan will miss two practice matches and the first two rounds of the home and away season with matches against Port Adelaide and Geelong. On Friday, during Collingwood’s intra-club practice match, Jack Ginnivan got injured as well. Jack Ginnivan said, “I feel like I have let 44 of my best mates down. I am so remorseful” Recently, Jack Ginnivan had an interview with a representative of Seven News. Scroll down the page and read what he said to the Seven News anchor.

Jack Ginnivan

Jack Ginnivan Drugs Video Explained

When he was asked if this had been a once in whiles occasion that he took drugs, he answered “yup” and refused to say if this had been the first time he had consumed prohibited substances. “As I said before, it is an issue in society, so I know this thing always happens around me, but, as I said, I am here to reflect on the now. When I walked into the bathroom, I did not think somebody would be videoing me. That’s, obviously, a private place and I know, I can imagine anyone else, being videoed in a bathroom, would be pretty uncomfortable”

Jack Ginnivan

Moreover, he insisted he had not a drug problem. He suffered mental health issues last year but it was not a repercussion of drug use. He kept on saying that he was not aware of the footage of him in the bathroom. In addition, Jack Ginnivan also claimed that his teammates were also not aware of his drug use. Now it has been a difficult task to get my words out when fronting of coach Craig McRae. He has put so much trust in me in the last year … so, to hurt him like that, is going to be a challenge to overcome, but I know he loves me and I love him and, hopefully, we are going to move past it.

Jack Ginnivan

On Saturday, Ginnivan released a statement that reads I want to take ownership of my actions in the vision which shows me with an illicit substance. I understand that as an AFL player, I have standards I need to meet and, on this occasion, I have fallen well short of the standards expected of me as a footballer and as a representative of Collingwood.

Jack Ginnivan

Furthermore, the Collingwood star also said he was truly sorry to everyone that he had led down with his behavior. He said that first of all, the Collingwood football family supported him well on and off the field. To his club members and fans, and the AFL, he was aware his poor decision-making had impacted all of them and, for that, he also apologized. Jim courted controversy last year when tacked and booted 40 goals in 23 matches but the Magpies could not make it to the grand finals. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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