Ja Morant Is Still Alive? Death Hoax Debunked and Club Video Goes Viral

Most of the news is related to death rumours sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s fake. Fortunately, most of the news which we get are found baseless and complete hoax. This time as well we are sharing one such death rumour which is again debunked. If you are actively using social media platforms then you surely read the death rumour of Jo Morant. His death rumours are currently trending on Twitter and pulling the attention of everyone. His fans are quite shocked and stunned after learning this news and for them, it is no less than trauma.

Ja Morant

Is Ja Morant Dead?

However, some fans are smart and instead of believing such news they directly start looking for authentic information. For those who don’t know him, let us tell you that he is a professional basketball player who hails from the United States of America. He plays basketball for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was the 2nd overall pick in the year 2019 NBA draft by his team. He is famous for his impressive athleticism, highlight-reel dunks, and playmaking ability and is considered one of the most brilliant young talents in the basketball community.

Ja Morant

Though this is not the only reason why he is in the news, he has been mostly engaged in legal issues as well. But now, his death rumours have taken the place on social media and many unauthorized websites are sharing his death rumours. His death rumours have drawn the huge attention of the people. Fortunately, all these rumours are found fake and he is not dead in fact he is alive and fine as well. The demise rumours have been in the news for a quite long time and all of them are found fake.

Ja Morant

This rumour have been started after a prank site stated that the American basketball player was discovered dead in his downtown Memphis home. The site also mentioned that he has passed away because of an undetected lethal illness. Some of his fans get scared after reading this news and started looking to know more details about him, whereas some believe it and started paying tribute to him. However, the prank site mentioned in the last that they were pranking their readers and wrote, “You have been Pranked”.

Ja Morant

After reading this, some fans still don’t believe it and look for more clarity later on, they get to know that he is not dead and it is actually a prank played by the website. NBA star has not made any comment on it and instead of that he is now involved in another huge controversy leaving people thinking that he may be convicted.

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