Is Ukraine’s Patriot Missile Defense System Giving Putin Sleepless Nights? I know his strength

The US government has announced an aid of Rs 15,000 crore to Ukraine. Along with that, America has announced to provide Patriot missile defense system. Find out how powerful…

America announced to give Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Putin Tensions have now risen over the Patriot missile defense system. Zelensky recently met US President Joe Biden. The US government has announced an aid of Rs 15,000 crore to Ukraine. Along with that, America has announced to provide Patriot missile defense system. Putin expressed anger after this aid given to Ukraine.

Russian President Putin said, ‘Patriot air defense system is very old. Russian missile systems will kill it. learn How powerful is the Patriot Missile System, which countries in the world are using it.

Understand how powerful the Patriot missile system is in 4 points

  1. The Patriot Missile System is an air defense system. America started working on it in 1963. After working on it for 19 years, it was inducted into the army. It is a missile system that counters air threats. It is so powerful that it can shoot down a fighter jet, helicopter, drop or even an enemy missile that comes its way.
  2. Media reports claim to have destroyed 150 missiles since 2015. It shows its effect in the range of 150 to 190 km. In simple terms, within this limit of the sky, it senses danger and harms.
  3. Its first test was done in 1969. America currently has several types of Patriot missile defense systems. 18 of America’s friendly countries have also incorporated it into their militaries. This includes many countries including Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates.
  4. According to a report in The Hindu, this missile defense system is developed by Raytheon Technology Corp. In 1991, America used it for the first time in the Gulf War. In 2003, the United States also used the same Patriot missile defense system to attack Iraq.
Characteristics of the Patriot air defense system that Ukraine will receive from America will know how powerful it is (2)

The Patriot air defense system consists of command posts, radars and launchers. Photo credit: The Print

How does this system work?

The launcher used in this defense system has 4 missiles. The entire defense system is divided into 3 parts. Command post, radar and launcher. All three of these parts fit into the Patriot missile defense system and are mounted on trucks.

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  1. Radar: The function of the radar employed in it is to identify the enemy in the surrounding sky and keep an eye on him. This radar can detect 8 targets simultaneously.
  2. Launcher: Missiles are fired at the threat that the radar detects. They are shot with the help of a launcher. Missiles fired from this defense system do not require a direct collision. It is detonated near enemy warplanes or drones. He can’t fly like this.
  3. Order: Both the processes mentioned here are controlled with the help of commands. Whether an aircraft or missile seen in the sky is enemy or not and how to control it. Its decision is taken by the command post. With the help of radars and launchers, the command foils the enemy’s plans.

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