Is Rakhi going to be the mother of Adil’s child? Said – ‘Despite being a single mother…’

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani: Actress Rakhi Sawant has been in the news regularly ever since her second marriage went public. This actress is married for the second time with her boyfriend Adil.

Rakhi Sawant

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Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani: Actress Rakhi Sawant is also known as drama queen. The actress attracts attention wherever she goes. Rakhi Sawant talks more about her personal life than her professional life. Recently, Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone by announcing her marriage with boyfriend Adil. But for some people it was quite common. Because Rakhi Sawant can do anything.

Rakhi Sawant revealed that 7 months ago she tied the knot with her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani and got married in court. Along with this revelation, the actress also presented the proof of her and Adil’s marriage. But there Adil is seen denying this marriage. After Adil’s rejection, Rakhi slowly reveals all. Meanwhile, the actress’ statement made people think that she is going to be a mother?

Also this marriage is legalized. However, now Adil is denying the marriage and Rakhi has said something that has made people speculate that she might be pregnant. In fact, Rakhi Sawant had spoken about being a single mother in an interview. Keeping her words in front, the actress said that she is happy with Adil. He does not know why Adil is denying this marriage. He was quite shocked by her rejection.

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Rakhi said that for the past 7 months, she has been trying to bring out the truth of this marriage in front of everyone. But Adil rejected it. With this, he says that he is a celebrity and things related to his life cannot be hidden. Amidst all this, Rakhi also says, maybe I will get pregnant or something will happen. But apart from that she also talked about being a single mother. However, the actress did not fully reveal the matter. He says he cannot talk more about the matter at the moment.


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