Is Nathan Owens Gay Or Does He Have Girlfriend? Outlast Cast Leaked Photo

Ever since the LGBTQ+ community came forward for their rights many people have started accepting their identities in front of the whole world. Though it is not easy to do because still our world is not excepted such things but still many families, friends, and loved ones are accepting those people who are sharing their real identities and sexuality with them. Most of the credit goes to famous personalities who motivate LGBTQ+ community people to accept themselves as they are. Not only people but themselves accept their sexuality in front of the entire world and that is why many of their fans are start searching for the sexuality of their loved ones.

Is Nathan Owens Gay Or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Nathan Owens

This time as well, there are many people who want to know the sexuality of Nathan Owens. Rumors of the sexuality of the American actor and model Nathan Ownes as a Gay are made all over the web and people are continuously searching about it. All these rumors have been started after the leaked picture of Outlast cast has released. Nathan Owens is a popular model, producer, and actor. Owens comes up as Cameron Davis in titled “Days Of Our Lives”, and he is best famous for coming up regularly as Jesse Morgan on the Lifetime comedic-drama series titled “Devious Maids”.

Nathan Owens

Apart from being an actor, he has also named himself in the fashion world, serving as a model. In further addition to this, he has come up in numerous GQ and print campaigns, and commercials. She is famous for coming up with the Sperry, Gap, Izod, and Polo. Other than that, Nathan is the 2nd African-American to come up in the fragrance movement for Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony. This movement worked as a major turning point in his life. Several of the admirers of Nathan Owen are keen to know if the actor is homosexual. Likewise, there have been several questions about his sexual orientation, as many social media users think that he is gay.

Nathan Owens

However, no such confirmed information came fore related to this matter and even the actor has never responded to this hearsay and looks to not pay attention to the fake news as he is not homosexual. His nature is quite private and he never talks about himself much in public. Though there are other sources that are stating that he is not gay and dating a girl which is quite enough proof to show that he is not homosexual. However, the name of his girlfriend is not out and that is why we are not making comments on this.

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