Is Ice Spice Chain Robbed? Ice Spice Gets Her Chain Snatched? TikTok Video Hoax

The news about Ice Spice’s chain robbery made headlines. People want to know whether she was a victim of the robbery or not. You will get complete details about Ice Spice in his article. Keep reading for more details. 

Spice Chain

Is Ice Spice Chain Robbed?

Chain Snatching is a form of robbery. Ice Spice was said to be the victim of Chain robbery. Fans are concerned about her. Were these all rumors? She was not a victim of chain robbery. Rather someone targets her for clout chasing. A man made a video describing that he has possession of Ice’s Spice’s signature necklace. It was not true what was claimed in the video. The necklace shown in the video was not her signature necklace. It is important to see that fans must be aware of the things to be followed on the internet. The video went viral. Ice has not responded to the incident yet. People are waiting for her response. Let us have more details about what the video was about. 

Spice Chain

More Details About The Incidence: 

Ice Spice is a well-known rapper. According to some rumors, the rapper is said to be a victim of chain robbery. The rumors are said to be false after the viral video makers claim to be robbers. The video is going viral since 29th March 2023, Wednesday. An individual was in the main frame in the video along with a few in the background. The man has challenged the rapper to come and take her jewelry piece. He teases her using her rapping style, he says come to that blah duh duh and get ya ched duh duh. She might respond soon to the video.  

Spice Chain

Ice Spice’s Achievements: 

Ice spice is a well-known rapper. She is 2000 born. She is 23 years old and has a long way to go ahead. She started her career in the music industry in 2021. Riot USA record producer is said to be helpful to her in getting her first debut. She studied at the State University of New York. People started recognizing her after the 2022 release of her single, Feelin’ U. Recently, this year, she has released singles like Bikini Bottom and In Ha Mood. Her project, Boys A Liar PT. 2 was said to be among the top three. She has been appreciated a lot by the fans. According to the sources, rumors about her chain robbery are said to be fake. It was just clout chasing. 

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