Who Is Don Design To AKA? Is Don Design Arrested? Real Name and Instagram

Since South African rapper AKA was killed outside a restaurant, innumerable stories are evolving on the internet. In fact, netizens have started unfolding the pages of AKA’s personal life. Meanwhile, AKA’s wife found herself in the trending searches on social media just after his death. Now AKA’s friend named Don Designer is in the talks of the netizens. But why? According to the sources, Don Designer is considered a suspect in the conspiracy to kill AKA despite knowing that he is a good friend of AKA. You are asked to stick with this page and unfold this matter by reading this article till the end. Kindly drag down the page and take a peek at the following sections.

AKA Wife Accident

Is Don Design Arrested?

After the tragic death of Kiernan Forbes, several clips of the incident surfaced on the internet. Amidst the frenzy to know who is the suspect in the murder of rapper AKA, social media consumers have started spreading a story that claims Don Designer could be a suspect. In addition, Don Designer is also in one of the viral videos. A video of just before the attack on AKA is available on social media. In the video, AKA’s friend Don Designer can be seen in a white shirt outside the restaurant where AKA was ambushed. This is the reason netizens are naming Don Designer as a prime suspect in the murder conspiracy of the rapper.

AKA Wife Accident

Who Is Don Design To AKA?

Many people are socially claiming that Don Designer is involved in hatching the conspiracy to kill rapper AKA. But this fact is senseless. In addition, officials also have cautioned people for naming someone suspect in the murder of AKA without any proof. However, an investigation is under process and detectives are closely looking into the case. They are studying each and every aspect of the case. The circumstances surrounding the death of rapper AKA are being examined by South African police.

Aka’s Girlfriend

Is Don Design Killed AKA?

Talking about Don Designer is a multi-talented artist who excels in DJing, music video production, creative direction, and fashion design. He was with rapper AKA since he helped him retrieve a lost kit. Later they worked together and recorded behind the scenes for AKA’s music videos. Later Don Designer became rapper AKA’s creative director and they worked on merchandise designs before AKA started his label Monday2Monday. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Aka’s Girlfriend

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