Is Dick Joslyn Committed Suicide? Beloved Community Member and Cherished

Death news is always cruel to hear, whether we know the person or not. These are the feelings of human beings that automatically bring tears to the eyes of anyone whenever we hear the sad news of some other person. Especially the death news can make anyone distressed and we themselves start looking to know more details of the case. This time as well, people are feeling sad for the family of the victim who lost his life. The deceased was identified as Dick Joslyn and the entire social media is paying tribute to him and want to know the reason for his sudden departure.

Dick Joslyn

Is Dick Joslyn Committed Suicide?

However, there are some reports which are connecting his news with suicide. Well, the truth is you will only get to know through the help of this website so don’t stop your eyes while reading it. Dick Joslyn was an activist and kayak salesman who hailed from Tampa, was an ex-Cult member of Heaven’s Gate, and engaged in a mass suicide in a Southern California mansion. As we mentioned above, Joslyn was a member of Heaven’s Gate and he expressed his deep sorrow for the sad event, disclosing that he had been a cult member for 15 years and was close to around 20 to 25 individuals who lost their lives.

He explained the demanding lifestyle of the cult, which included giving up several pleasures such as se*ual relations, drinking, smoking, and being served by the outside world. Now people are looking for his obituary and want to know more information about his passing. Dick Joslyn was a singer, former model, songwriter, poet, actor, activist, and an honorably discharged Air Force Officer. He completed his graduation in zoology. The reports state that he took his last breath on 8th January 2000. At that time he was 81 years old. There were multiple reports stating that he lost his life after committing suicide but there are some reports which mention his death was caused by suffering from AIDS.

Apart from it, Dick had also taken a stand for the LGBTQ+ community and had also been an advocate for gay rights prior to his passing. Being a member of Heaven’s Gate, there have been several misunderstandings related to his passing and many thought that he also committed suicide but later on, it was rejected because he was seen expressing his deep sorrow for losing his close companions. His companion was a member of the cult who died after a mass suicide. He disclosed that the cult demanded a strict way of life sans a permanent home or indulgences such as se*ual relations, drinking, and smoking. But later, he realized and step out of Heaven Gate, after the massive suicide.

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