Is Alexei Navalny Alive: What Happened With Alexei Navalny?

Alexei Navalny is in death rumors. People are curious to know more about Alexei Navalny. there have been rumors about his death. you will get complete details about Alexei Navalny in this article. Keep reading for more information.

is alexei navalny alive

Is Alexei Navalny Alive

Alexei Navalny is alive. He is a Russian Opposition leader. He has been known for his protests and political reforms. He has been detained by Russia for the same. He was having a serious illness in August 2020 while he was on a flight. He was taken for medical care immediately. He was said to be given poison by someone. It is being said that the incident was planned by Russian state agents. He survived the incident. He was in very critical condition. He was in jail at that time and was suffering from stomach pain which might be because of the poison spreading slowly inside him. He was in such a critical condition that an ambulance was called but the security did not release him for the treatment.

alexei navalny age

He was poisoned earlier in 2020 by Novichok. He has been given a sentence of 11.5 years and is in prison. His allies tell about his current situation on the social media platform. The news by CNN says that his prison might be extended to 30 years. People are curious to know more about Alexei Navalny’s present situation.

Alexei Navalny Current Updates

Alexei Navalny is currently in prison and is said to be having worse health and is continuously declining. He has been transferred to a punishment cell. He has lost 18 pounds in just 15 days. He was facing severe stomach pain but was refused treatment.

alexei navalny age

He is in a cell that is quite unhygienic. He was said that he will be charged further for obstructing prison authorities. His right to vote has been taken back. He has a YouTube channel with a subscriber base of 6.32 M. The channel has 483 videos. This was all about Alexei Navalny. let us conclude the above.


Alexei Navalny is a Russian Opposition leader. He is in rumors as people want to know whether he is alive or not. He was tried to be poisoned in 2020 due to which his health started declining at a high rate. He fall seriously ill on a flight in 2020. However, he survived the incident. He suffers from severe sto, each pain because of the poisoning of his food but is never taken to the hospital. Stay tuned for more details.

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