Is Actor Cagri Citanak’s Mother Dead? Turkish Actress Died In Earthquake

The recent news says that Cagri Citanak’s mother lost her life in Turkey’s earthquake. Is it true? People want to know more about the incident.  

You will get complete details about the incident. Keep reading for more details. 

Cagri Citanak

What Happened To Cagri Citanak’s Mother? 

Cagri Citanak’s mother lost her life in the Turkey earthquake. The news was confirmed by the actor’s girlfriend. 

The earthquake happened on 6 February 2023. It takes the lives of thousands of people. Many popular personalities along with common people lost their lives. 

The death number is 43,000. It is still increasing. The Turkish actor is in extreme sorrow. He has asked for some space. It has been among the worst disasters in the last 100 years. 

Cagri Citanak

Her mother has also appeared in a famous series Love Is In The Air. The aftershocks are also affecting the earthquake-affected area. 

Last time, The Great Erzincan earthquake killed 33,000 people (about twice the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden). This earthquake has crossed the past numbers.  

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Citanak’s girlfriend is Basak Gumulcinelioglu. She posted about her death on Instagram. Ok, Diario also confirmed by saying that we lost our mother.  

People are sending condolences to both of them. Both are together in this hard time.  

Cagri Citanak

Details About Turkey Earthquake: 

The earthquake took place on 6 February 2023. Life was going normally on that day. Suddenly, the earthquake changes the map of Turkey. People were buried below the rubble. 

The rescue mission started the same day. The people who were rescued were having difficulty surviving because of the harsh weather conditions.  

The weather is so cold there that the fire born is placed at every corner. It is hard to survive without shelter and proper warm clothes there. People have lost their houses. They are spending nights on the roads without proper food. 

Cagri Citanak

Fans After the Death of Citanak’s Mother: 

Citanak’s mother left the world during the earthquake. Her girlfriend was rescued from the situation. She was not able to survive. The rescue took a long time to reach her. 

She was taken out from the rubble dead. Fans are disheartened to know about the news. Citanak and his girlfriend are mourning her death.  

They have accepted the truth and will take some time to overcome the loss. He has not mentioned anything about his mother’s death. 

It is a big loss for him and the whole industry. People will remember her work in their hearts.  

We keep bringing updates to you. Stay updated for more details about your favorite celebrities. 

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