In Gujarat, 1240 cattle died due to chronic skin disease, vaccination on a large scale

A lot of cattle are dying in Gujarat. Giving information on this, State Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel said that 1240 cattle have died in the state so far. However, the opposition alleges that the state government is concealing the death toll.

Cattle are dying due to disease in Gujarat

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An outbreak of lumpy skin disease has been reported in Gujarat. this disease Due to this, thousands of cattle have died in the state so far. Giving information on the matter, Gujarat Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel said that 1240 cattle have died in the state so far. However, there are allegations that the government is hiding the actual number of cattle deaths. The number of cattle dying from this dangerous disease is 25 to 30 times higher than the number declared by the government.

Opponents claim that the government is hiding the death toll of cattle just like the way it hid the death toll in Corona as the actual number could be 25-30 times higher. After a meeting with officials of Gujarat’s Jamnagar Nagar Nigam over the cattle deaths, the minister said that around 50,000 cases of cattle lumpy virus are currently being treated, out of which 1240 have died. Giving more information, the minister said that now 1.5 lakh cattle are being vaccinated to save cattle from this disease.

A large number of cattle died

On the other hand, according to newsroom Odish, Kutch District Congress Committee President Yajuvendra Singh Jadeja alleged that there is a huge difference between the official figures and the truth. He said that 25,00-3000 cattle died in Kutch alone. Apart from this, he complained that there is no scientific method of disposal of dead animals. Cattle are dumped everywhere on the outskirts of towns and villages. He also said that if you go to the city and the outskirts of the city, you will see dead cattle on the roads. He said the municipality lacks manpower and infrastructure to dispose of these animals.

The municipality is preparing to shed the cattle

Whereas Bhuj Municipality president Dhanshyam Thakur said that initially we failed to find out how fast the disease was spreading or how many cattle had died due to it. But now there are reports of death of a large number of animals. He said Naharpalika dug a deep pit to dump the dead cattle and collected two metric tons of salt.

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