How did Imam Achmad Cassiem die? Anti-apartheid activist passes away

This is to inform you that Imam Achmad Cassiem is no more. He has passed away. He was the former Robben Island prisoner. In addition, Imam Achmad Cassiem was a former member of the PAC (Pan Africanist Congress). Since Imam Achmad Cassiem’s death news broke out, it has been making headlines and leaving people extremely gutted. While many have been thrown into a frenzy what happened to him? What was the exact cause of the death of Imam Achmad Cassiem? We have gathered pertinent details about his demise. You should take a look below and read it till the end to know everything about him. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Imam Achmad Cassiem

Imam Achmad Cassiem Death cause Revealed

He was best known for being an anti-apartheid activist. He was a professional author who spent his childhood fighting for the liberation of marginalized citizens in South Africa. Achmad Cassiem was born in District Six. Reportedly, he was just 15 years of age when he joined the armed struggle due to which he was imprisoned on Robben Island. He became the youngest Robben Island prisoner. Imam Achmad Cassiem founded and started the resistance movement titled “Qibla” after coming out of jail. Continue reading this article and learn more details about him.

Imam Achmad Cassiem started the organization in 1979 to support the liberation of Palestine. Talking about Imam Achmad Cassiem’s cause of death, this information has not been issued yet. But it is almost certain that he died due to age-related ailments as he had 77 years old by the time of his passing. After hearing of Imam Achmad Cassiem’s demise, slain anti-apartheid activist Imam Abdulla Haron’s daughter Professor Fatima Haron Masoet extended her sincere condolences to his family during this time.

She added, “A truly revolutionary and iconic figure has fallen today. He stood for social justice and change and spoke out against apartheid. He had immense love and adoration for our late father. Every year that passed he along with the Qibla movement remembered my father’s legacy. Imam Achmad Cassiem will never be forgotten,” said an emotional Haron-Masoet.” According to the source, the Janaazah of an iconic Imam Achmad Cassiem whose funeral proceedings took place at Habibia Soofie Masjid in Gatesville. Nazier Paulsen said, “It’s been an absolute honor knowing these wonderful, principled men most of my life. May Allah reward our beloved Imaam with the highest abode in Janaah.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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