Ikem Affia Parents: Nationality And Family

Today, we are going to talk about Ikem Affia. He is one of the suspects of four people who were involved in a plot to rob and drug saul in Luton last year. Currently, he is going viral on the internet. Now Netizens want to know about Ikem. We are going to share every single piece of information about him. So, Read the whole article till the end.

Ikem Affia

Ikem Affia Parents

After being named as the primary suspect in Mr. Murray’s death, Ikem Affia, one of four people involved in a scheme to rob and drug Saul in Luton last year, was sentenced to life in prison. After viewing pictures of Mr. Murray wearing Rolex watches on Instagram, the 31-year-old and his associates Cleon Brown, Surpreet Dhillon, and Temidayo Awe decided to target him. On February 2022, stab wounds were found on Saul’s body at his flat on New Town Street. Through the use of CCTV, vehicle telematics, and a Moncler coat that matched the skin tone captured on the CCTV footage from Affia’s flat at the time of the crime, Affia was located. The most popular search for Affia’s parents was his parents, however, there was no public information available.

Ikem Affia

Ikem Affia is believed to be an East Londoner who is from Hackney based on the information in the article. Consequently, it’s possible that his parents are also locals. It’s possible that his parents kept their information secret and out of the public eye. He was either born in the UK or received citizenship through his parents as he was raised in Hackney, East London. According to the information at hand, Affia is a British national. Affia, a resident of Shore Place, London, was given a life sentence for the crime of murder and will not be eligible for parole for at least 25 years. In addition, he received a 14-year prison term for planning a crime. There is no information available regarding Affia’s family. There is also no sign that he is married or that he has kids.

Ikem Affia

In connection with Saul Murray’s passing, Affia was accused of murder and robbery-related conspiracy. He was held responsible for both offenses. A life sentence with a mandatory minimum of 25 years to serve was also given to him. The two women may be seen on CCTV entering Saul Murray’s home, enjoying a drink, then having sex. Later, Surpreet Dhillon is accused of adding GHB to Murray’s drink. The dosage, nevertheless, was insufficient to render him unconscious. Temidayo Awe left the area in order to bring their spies, Cleon Brown and Ikem Affia, inside. More information about this case will be revealed soon till then stay tuned to PKB news.

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