I will tell you that I am going to be the mother of your child… Police officer victim of honey trap, gets Rs 50 lakh

The woman blackmailed the police officer that she was pregnant. Now if he doesn’t spend, he will call his family members and tell everything.

Sikar police officer is a victim of honeytrap.

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Honeytrap incident at Kotwali police station in Sikor, Rajasthan. To a police officer in Sikar city Jaipur A woman trapped him by talking on Facebook messenger. After that, the woman and her other accomplices grabbed around 50 lakhs from the police officer. At present, Kotwali police station is investigating the whole matter. A police officer of Sikar said that the woman, a resident of Jaipur, had started talking to him on Facebook Messenger even before Corona.

The woman took the police officer’s WhatsApp number, then she kept telling the officer that she was sorry, her husband harassed her. The wicked lady also called the police officer to meet her. When the police officer refused to leave, he threatened to kill himself, cutting his hand with a piece of glass. In December 2021, the woman blackmailed the police officer that she was pregnant. Now if he doesn’t spend, he will call his family members and tell everything.

Extort money by threatening to make pornographic videos viral

According to the police officer, in May 2022, the woman and her companions called him pretending to be ill and then fed him some drugged tea. If the video goes viral, it will not only be defamation, but also job loss. The woman told the police officer to give her partner Rs 4 lakh if ​​she did not want to be defamed. Fearing defamation, the police officer gave the money.

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First honeytrap then blackmail to police officer

Then on July 25, 2022, when the woman gave birth, with the baby, the woman threatened the police officer to tell the house that the child she gave birth to belonged to the officer. If you want to settle, give 44 lakhs. The police officer gave money to the woman out of fear. Still, the woman threatened to implicate the police officer in a rape case and threatened to kill the family. The official said that the woman also victimized a police constable in Churu district in the same way. At present, the police of Sikar police station is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. On the other hand, the woman has filed a case against the police officer for raping her and robbing her of 40 tola gold ornaments on the pretext of giving her a job at Vidyadhar Nagar police station in Jaipur.


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