Hurghada Shark Attack Video, Graphic Show Tiger Shark Attack Man Swimming In Sea

A heart-chilling incident occurred in Egypt on a beach in Hurghada. According to the reports, a tourist was attacked by a shark in Hurghada. This incident is a matter of the Red Sea where a shark ate a man who was swimming with his father. Nevertheless, the shocking incident was also caught on camera. The video of the shark attack is going viral on the internet and taking over it by storm. It has created a stir over there. People have been horrified after watching the clip of the Hurghada shark attack. But we won’t advise you to go for the video and watch it, because it is very horrifying and chilling. However, you can read the details of the incident, which we have poured in this column. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Hurghada Shark Attack Video

Hurghada Shark Attack Video

The pictures were taken by some nearby boarts that could not do anything to save the life of the boy who was attacked by a shark. Reports have suggested that the man was swimming near the shore of a breach in Hurghada when suddenly an animal attacked him. The boy was startled by seeing the animal that was attacking him. However, the victim tried to move around and escape from there after seeing the fin of a large shark. Scroll down the page and know about the victim.

The authorities confirmed the age of the victim, he was 23 years of age. The boy was enjoying on holidays with his father. In the video, the 23-year-old boy can be heard screaming “Dad, Dad” but the water soon turned red. It had become a pool of blood soon after the shark attacked him. Reportedly, the rescue team was called but it had too late to save the boy. According to the reports, the victim was a Russian citizen. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Viktor Voropayev who is the Russian consul general in Hurghada said, “A Russian citizen died as a result of a shark attack”. The 23-year-old boy was identified as V Popov. As mentioned, the video of the shark attack on the shore of Dream Beach Sheraton is going viral on social media, the video has caused a stir over there. Myriad users have shared and posted it on social media but we urge them not to broadcast further as it can leave people disturbed. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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