Howrah: The death of the student is shrouded in mystery, the family alleges that he was killed due to a love triangle

The mystery of the student’s death in Dasnagar in West Bengal’s Howrah district has deepened. Family members alleged that the student was killed due to love triangle.

Photo: Death of a student in Howrah.

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West Bengal Howrah A class 12 student died mysteriously in K Dasnagar on Thursday. The deceased’s name is Ganesh Ghosh (17). Family members said that his friends called him on Wednesday evening. Later, he was found lying in a bloody state under his friend’s flat. the student immediately sskm Ane was admitted to the trauma care of the hospital. He died there on Thursday morning. Ganesh’s family refused to accept it as a mere accident and accused him of conspiracy to murder. Family demands love triangle This led to murder. Police of Dasnagar police station has started the investigation of the incident.

It is alleged that the deceased student had a relationship with his classmate. His family claims that his lover and her accomplices committed the murder. She also alleged that she received phone calls threatening her not to open up to the media about her son’s death. All these allegations are being investigated by the police.

A team of forensic experts visited the spot

Forensic experts on Friday visited the spot from where the body was recovered. The idol was thrown three times from the sixth floor terrace of the flat, below which Ganesha was found. It was understood that somewhere Ganesha did not jump himself, but someone pushed him from behind. Forensic expert Siddharth Sarkar said, “For the investigation, nothing can be said in detail right now. However, if the student is pushed, how far he falls or where he falls if he jumps himself, is being investigated.

The relatives of the deceased said that they are receiving threats

On the other hand, Ganesh’s family complains that he is being threatened over the phone. The family complained, “If the media reports more about the incident, the result will not be good.” They are terrified of this incident. He demanded security from the police. In the words of Ganesh’s mother, “My son has been killed in a planned manner. Ganesha’s girlfriend and some friends may be behind it. Ganesh’s mother Shukla Ghosh said her son was very happy after returning from school last Wednesday. A close friend called him in the afternoon and told him that he would treat him at a restaurant. After that he left the house.

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The deceased student had a relationship with a classmate

He said, but he did not pick up the phone when his son did not return home until late at night. The boy who went to his friend’s house called him but he didn’t pick up the phone either. Later, someone called from the friend’s phone and said that Ganesh was ill. Shukla Devi said that Ganesh had been in love with a ninth-grade student of his school for about a year and he came to know that the girl’s physical condition was not good. Ganesh’s aunt Srabani Ghosh said that the girl had a relationship with another boy. Family members believe Biswas Ganesh’s mobile phone chat will get all the information apart from questioning friends.


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