How has leadership of the Global South Summit enhanced India’s diplomatic hegemony in the world?

How India has established its power in the world by leading the Global South, read a report on the success of Indian diplomacy.

Global South Summit Leadership.

India is always ready to help developing and least developed countries of the world. India proved it again in the meeting of Global South. Recently, in the Global South meeting led by India, many issues were discussed, which underline India’s new role among the developing or least developed countries of the world. All countries big and small are aware of India’s rising power on the world stage.

At the meeting of the Global South, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined India’s future role. He emphasized that three-fourths of the world’s population lives in these countries and India is among these countries. Prime Minister Modi said – India has always stood strongly for a greater role for developing countries in shaping our common future. He also cited the supply of vaccines and medicines to poor and small countries during pandemics as an example.

Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar emphasized that the needs of poor and developing countries are not taken into account in the current global system, with poor countries being discriminated against on issues like Covid, food and energy security, climate change, terrorism. But India’s initiative in this context is different from the thinking of developed countries. India has always wanted human-centric globalization.

How did India’s role grow?

India has always raised the issue of global terrorism. Even economically weaker countries are making diplomatic efforts to free them from China’s debt trap. Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, many countries have supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s peace message and said it is necessary for world peace.

India is presiding over the G20 this year and in the meantime India has also got the opportunity to lead the Global South. Most importantly, not all countries of the Global South are in the G20, so this is a big opportunity for India to establish leadership.

Global South is different from Global North

The difference between the Global North and the Global South is similar to that between a developed country and a developing country. Understand that the Global North is a group of large developed countries while the Global South is a group of developing or less developed countries. This is why India’s leadership among the 120 countries participating in the Global South meeting is seen as poised to give the world a new direction. This is a major diplomatic success for India on the world map.


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