How did Linda Kasabian die? Manson Family Member Dead at 73

Linda Kasabian helped Charles Manson and his other members to be sent to jail. She passed away in Washington recently. People want to know more about her in this article. Keep reading for more details about the exact incident. She passed away a few months ago on 21 January 2023. Her body was sent to cremation after a few days. We don’t have much information about her death now. We still need to confirm the reason behind her death. She lost her life at Tacoma hospital. After the incident in which she helped in making the arrest of the Manson family, she decided to change her last name to Chiochios.

Linda Kasabian

Linda Kasabian Cause of Death

She was provided with extra protection for being the witness in the arrest case. The testimony was 18 days in total. She described in detail the 1969 slayings in Manson’s direction. Linda explains how tex, Krenwinkel, and Atkins killed 5 victims. The victims also include Polanski’s wife who was pregnant. Sharon Tete was his wife. How a person can kill a pregnant woman? People were disheartened after the incident. 

When asked, Kasabian mentions that no one was harmed. Polanski was completely broke after he lost his pregnant wife and unborn child. He goes through immense pressure and anxiety. Later, Kasabian mentions that Leno and Rosemary LaBianca butchered in their Los Angeles home. She was the second night driver of the mansion murders. They were all sentenced to life imprisonment. Manson was going through colon cancer. He passed away because of a cardiac attack in 2017. 

Linda Kasabian

She gathered a lot of courage to witness herself in court. She helped the victims get justice. As the sources mention that she died at the hospital, and she might be suffering from an illness. The exact reason is not known to anyone. She changed her surname after witnessing for her privacy. She is a private person. She likes to keep her life private. It was also necessary after the incident to go private. We don’t have much information about her parents. We might get some details as the investigation takes place. 

Linda Kasabian

She was disturbed after the incident. It affected the mental health of victims a lot. These situations are often life-changing for the victims. Many recover themselves while others often keep living with the burden for their whole life. We will update you as we get more details about the incident.

Linda Kasabian

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