How did John Malecela son William Malecela die? Tanzanian Prime Minister son passed away

Recently the news about the son of former Tanzanian Prime Minister John Malecela is going viral over the internet. The public is going over the internet to know more about his son. Everyone is going over the internet to know the reason behind his son’s death. Not just that the public is also very much interested in his life also. In this article, we are going to give all the details about his son’s death. Not just that for our readers we have also brought all information about the former Tanzanian Prime Minister as well as about his son. Keep reading through the article to know more about his son’s death.

John Malecela son

How did John Malecela son William Malecela die?

Before going over the ongoing news about William Malecela, let’s talk about his father former Tanzanian Prime Minister John Malecela. From November 1990 to December 1994, John Samuel Malecela, who was born on April 19, 1934, in Buigiri, Chamwino District, Dodoma, served as Tanzania’s prime minister. He has been a member of the CCM Central Committee since 1995 and served as vice-chairman of the CCM from 1995 to 2007. The Tanzanian team, led by Prime Minister Malecela, attended the inaugural Tokyo International Conference on African Development in October 1993. One of Tanzania’s politicians with the most experience is John Malecela.

John Malecela son

However, neither in 1995 nor in 2005 did his attempts to get his party’s endorsement for the presidential nomination result in any positive outcomes for him. William Malecela, also known as Lemutuz, the son of late Tanzanian Prime Minister John Malecela, passed away today, according to his family. William’s stepmother Anne Kilango Malecela confirmed his passing. Kilango, who represents Same East (CCM) in parliament, said to Mwananchi, “It is true that he has died in Dar es Salaam.” A well-known blogger both inside and outside of Tanzania, William. He was the proprietor of the Lemutuz website and online television.

According to his close friend Kinjekitile Kingunge, he would receive his respects on May 15 at Karimjee Grounds and be buried in Dodoma on a day between Wednesday and Thursday. “His father, John Malecela, is supposed to arrive in Dar es Salaam this evening. We are awaiting his arrival. Then we will know if our loved one will be buried on Wednesday or Thursday in his eternal home,” he stated. Kingunge said that Le Mutuz had cardiac issues when asked about a potential cause of death. He explained, “Our brother has heart issues but was healthy up until yesterday night; this morning he felt bad and was transported to a Mnazi Mmoja hospital, which is close to his home.

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