How did Jacqueline Nunez die? Teen sentenced to 25 years in Piute High School sophomore’s murder

A man named Daniel Ahuilar was sentenced to 25 years in jail. He was sentenced on 28th August 2023, Monday. He was charged with the murder. Daniel murdered his 16-year-old girlfriend whose name was Jacqueline Nunez. Daniel was just 17 years old and now he is behind bars. He killed his girlfriend as they were facing problems in their relationship. The high school sophomore reported that Nunez was gunned down by his boyfriend. The body of Nunez was found approximately 200 miles away from Salt Lake City which is near Utah. To know everything about this case. Read this entire article without missing anything.

How did Jacqueline Nunez die

How did Jacqueline Nunez die

According to the source, the president of a Utah judge expressed some discontent with Francisco Daniel Aguilar. They have given this statement regarding the murder. The murderer said that the murder was an emotionally charged shooting. After listening to this statement people are really shocked. In this case, Marvin Bagley claimed that this case was premeditated as Daniel was armed and he shot his girlfriend Jacqueline Nunez. This case happened in a remote area. Now the murderer is total 18 years old so because of that he is now under 25 years of jail. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know more.

A Twitter (X) user named @brian_schnee wrote The funeral services were held in Cedar City for the 16-year-old Jacqueline Nunez who was shot dead and killed this week in Piute County. The live evidence of this murder case was the friend of Nunez. This murder occurred on 8th January 2023. The murderer Daniel Aguilar took the gun of his father and then he went to drive his girlfriend Nunez to the Vicinity of Black Hill, Utah. A friend of Nunez named McKall Taylor claimed that he saw the whole case. Both the couple were arguing with each other at around 9:55 am near their car.

McKall Taylor further added Taylor saw her and ran toward her and from back Daniel shot fire at Nunez. Then Daniel fired against Taylor but thankfully escaped from the scene. The killer was found struggling before he shot the fire. After an hour law enforcement got to know about this shocking case and the enforcement chased the car of a killer. The killer said in his statement that he took a gun just to scare his girlfriend but he didn’t want to shoot her. But he shot her and he doesn’t know why. More information will be disclosed soon.

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