Homicide in Dexter Mo: Police involved a juvenile

A shocking report just reached the desk of our agency and it states a homicide case occurred in Dexter, Missouri. Reportedly, the victim of the homicide was a juvenile. Yes, you heard it right, this is why this news is blowing shock waves and leaving people frightened and horrific. Since they heard about homicide in Dexter Mo, they are keenly scrounging web articles to learn about this incident. Meanwhile, this news is taking over the internet by storm and stirring up people’s minds. This news is trending enormously on every social media platform. And people are getting keen to learn this news. What actually happened? A lot of questions to be answered. You are asked to learn more details regarding the same. Be sticky and go through this weblog till the end. Drag down the screen.

Homicide in Dexter Mo

Homicide in Dexter Mo

The homicide incident reportedly happened on Saturday, March 11, 2023, in Dexter, Missouri where the Stoddard County Case Squad responded to the scene in the morning hours at around 6:30 am. However, the department was informed about the homicide at around 6:14 am. Within a few minutes, officers in large numbers were at the scene. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Homicide in Dexter Mo

The Dexter Police Department released a statement that informs that the homicide incident took place at 316 Alice St. on March 11, 2023. The victim of the incident was a juvenile. Reportedly, the juvenile was found dead inside the home. What was the cause of death of the victim? As per the preliminary investigation, the juvenile was killed by a fatal gunshot. The officers discovered a juvenile whose identity has not been revealed, with a gunshot wound lying on the ground inside the residence. What about the suspect? Is there any suspect in the custody? Scroll down the page to get this information.

Homicide in Dexter Mo

According to the reports, the Dexter Police Department has apprehended a juvenile suspect. The suspect is also a juvenile. Dexter Police Department did not reveal the identities of the victim and suspect. In addition, it is also not known how and from where they arrested a juvenile. The charges on the juvenile are pending. An investigation has been initiated. Officers of the Dexter Police Department are probing the case and examining the circumstances surrounding the death of a juvenile on 316 Alice St. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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