How Many Episodes in Hidden Love? Where to Watch Hidden Love Chinese Drama?

Here’s everything you must know about the Hidden Love Chinese Drama, a Chinese drama that streams on Netflix. In this article, we are going to provide you with every detail and information that is important just in case you are a big-time web series lover. You are required to read the article and follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. We are also going to explore both the availability of the Hidden Love Chinese drama on Netflix and the total number of episodes of the series. Never miss any update on the buzz and subscribe to PKB News right now.

Hidden Love (2023)

Where to Watch Hidden Love Chinese Drama?

Hidden Love is a 2023 famous Chinese drama with multiple alternative titles, including ‘Can’t Be Concealed’. The series is directed by Lee Ching Jung and written by Shen Fei Xian. It falls under the genres of comedy, romance, and youth and offers a delightful blend of emotions and storytelling. The drama includes the theme of secret crushes, considerate male figures, the age gap, protective and caring male leads, first love, brother-sister relationships, and misunderstandings which has been taken from a web novel. Now, the viewers are compelled to focus on the narrative because of the bond between siblings and the complexities of relationships. Additionally, the drama features a protective brother character that adds another layer of intrigue.

hidden love chinese drama episode 15 english subtitles

In this section, we will be giving you the information in regards to where you can watch the Hidden Love Chinese Drama. So, you can watch Hidden Love Chinese Drama on Netflix. Netflix is known to be the best choice to watch any web series as this platform provides you with a wide range of shows and movies. Zhao Lusi, Chen Zheyuan, and Victor Ma are the main cast in the Chinese Drama Hidden Love. Here are the simple steps to log in to Netflix to watch Hidden Love Chinese Drama. By following the steps given below, you can easily get access to the show:

  • If you are a Netflix user, you will get an email from Netflix containing a link.
  • Clicking on the link will redirect you to, where you can complete the sign-up process using a mobile or computer browser.
  • On the website, you will be able to choose the Netflix plan that best suits your preferences and remember that you can always switch to a different plan later if required.

It was noted that there are a total of 25 episodes in Hidden Love Chinese Drama. The drama runs for a duration of 45 minutes. So, that was it as for this article, we hope you got the desired information. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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