Hidden Love Chinese Drama Episode 15 And 16 Release Date: Watch Ep 15 Eng Subtitle

Here we are going to give the details about the Chinese romantic series Hidden Love as the public is going through the internet to know more. Everyone is going through the internet to know more about the show, they like to know about the latest updates on the show. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about the drama, and not only that we are also going to give the latest updates of the show in this article to our readers. So, keep reading through the article to know more.

hidden love chinese drama episode 16

Hidden Love Chinese Drama Episode 15 And 16 Release Date

We saw in the previous episode that Sang Zhi believed Jiaxu had a girlfriend but was mistaken. Jiaxu clarified the situation when she requested him to leave him alone. Sang Zhi took good care of Jiaxu while he was ill in the hospital and remained by his side. If you are eagerly awaiting episode 15 of the Chinese television series Hidden Love, we have you covered. Coming shortly are episodes 15 and 16 of the well-liked Chinese comedy and love story Hidden Love. What if she hadn’t accepted to be his girlfriend, Sang Zhi asks Jiaxu. Then, he said, he would have chased her day after day until she gave in. Later, when they were leaving and heading back, Jiaxu got a call from Sang Zhi’s brother.

hidden love chinese drama episode 15 english subtitles

She had been spending more time in Yihe, so he inquired as to whether he had met her sister’s boyfriend. Jiaxu, however, became overly preoccupied with his work immediately after their relationship began. He had to ask Sang Zhi to change their timetable because he was unable to take the time. Sang Zhi seemed concerned by this and worried that he was dating her impulsively. The following day, Sang Zhi changed his mind about their plan after her friend persuaded her to put him to the test.

Hidden Love (2023)

The wonderful news for fans is that episodes 15 and 16 of the well-liked Chinese love drama Hidden Love will be released on June 29, 2023. This episode will be available on Friday at the following times: Europe Time: June 29, 11 p.m. Eastern Time, 9.00 a.m. ET, 8.30 p.m. ACDT in Australia, and 11 a.m. GMT in the UK. The 15th episode of Hidden Love is currently available on Youku in China for fans. English subtitles are available for Hidden Love episode 16 on YouTube for those outside of the United States. We’ll see that Sang Zhi ultimately consents to be Jiaxu’s girlfriend in the upcoming episode. She expressed her desire to be present for all of his upcoming birthday celebrations.


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