Hamilton Victoria Crash: Older Woman Killed Alongside Three Teens in High-Speed Bochara

In recent news, it was reported that a close-knit community is in shock after four teens were killed, and another fighting for life after a horror crash in rural Victoria. You are required to read the complete article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights.

Hamilton Victoria Crash

Hamilton Victoria Crash

The crash has left a tight-knit community in western Victoria reeling and a teenager fighting for life. The police believe the car they were traveling in lost control on Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road at Bochara, 11 kilometers northwest of Hamilton. The police suspect high speed likely played a role in the catastrophic crash that claimed four lives on Saturday. Continue reading for more details.

Hamilton Victoria

The car smashed into a tree, killing two male teenagers, a female teenager, and a woman in her 30. The sole survivor, a 17-year-old girl, was flown by air ambulance to The Aldred Hospital where she was still in critical condition on Sunday. The people who died in the crash had yet to be formally identified, and Victoria Police had not confirmed their ages. The Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Glenn Weir said that the car had been travelling at extremely high speed when it left the road.

The Weir police were still working through formal identification of those who died at the traumatic scene. Weir said it appeared the vehicle may have been at the side of the road for hours after leaving the nearby Nigretta Falls car park sometime after 1 am. After 1 am, the Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives left the scene in Bochara shortly after the crumpled car was loaded onto a truck and removed from the scene. Handwritten messages could be seen inside and on the exterior of the car, including driving safely and loving people, and helping them.

As per the reports, Weir said that the police hoped the girl in the hospital would be able to provide some answers about how the crash happened. He also said it was not clear which of the occupants was the driver indicating that some seatbelts were not worn. The state’s road toll for the year stood at 130 compared to 96 at the same time last year and an emotional.

Weir said a number of crashes over the weekend highlighted the need for people to slow down. He further added that they have had a catastrophe since Friday. It makes your blood boil because it is so avoidable. All we can ask for is that people listen to what is being said. You should listen to what the family of the victims has to say because it is too heartfelt.

The entire town is currently in complete shock. The distressed friends of the dead teenagers arrived at Baimbridge College on Sunday afternoon, laying bouquets of pink and white flowers in memory of their friends. One young woman told this masthead through tears that her close friend, who she believed had died in the crash. She said that he would do anything for anyone selflessly without a doubt. The 17-year-old Minnie was standing on Hamilton’s main thoroughfare, Gray Street. She added that it is a pretty small town and they have each other’s support always.

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