Haesoo Suicide Note: Korean trot singer found dead at 29, police recovered suicide note

The showbiz industry of South Korea had not come over the shocking passing of ASTRO member Moon Bin and they were rocked again by the suicide news of Haesoo. Yes, you heard it right, Haesoo’s cause of death was self-inflicted injuries. Ever since Haesoo’s death news surfaced, it has been making headlines and trending on every news channel. But people are still seeking details of some imperative questions related to Haesoo’s death such as what were the circumstances surrounding Haesoo’s death, what was her age, how did she die, and was any goodbye note recovered by the authorities? Thus, we have done deep research and a blue study on it. In the following sections, we have catered to the queries floating in people’s minds. You should stick with this page and must go through the following sections of this article. take a peek below by scrolling down the page.


Haesoo Suicide Note

Haesoo was a Trot singer. The news of Haesoo’s suicide came after three weeks after Moon Bin’s death who also took his own life. After back-to-back deaths by suicide, South Korea has been remarked as the suicide capital of the world. It is said that the suicide rate is the highest in South Korea. Talking Haesoo, she was just 29 years of age when she decided to end her life. However, her death news was confirmed two days after the police recovered her dead body. Scroll down the page and read more details.


Initially, it was only known that a K-Pop star was found dead but it was Haesoo was not known. After two days, police revealed that the deceased was identified as Haesoo. The identity of the K-Pop singer was kept secret as the preliminary investigation had not been done. But the motive for her suicide is still unknown to the world. Was any suicide note recovered from the scene? Yes, the police have recovered a goodbye note. Scroll down the page and read more details.


The late K-Pop singer was scheduled to perform on May 20. But sadly the singer will not perform at any event in the future as she has departed this life. Talking about the goodbye note left by Haesoo, she did not mention the motive for her suicide in the note. The police have not revealed what actually she wrote in the letter. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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