Hacked To Death: 28-years-old Man hacked to death by 3-man gang in Trichy

A heinous act of crime story came to know from Madurai city where a man was hacked to death. Yes, you read it right, but why was the man hacked to death? According to the police, the man was allegedly killed over a love affair. The victim who was hacked to death was identified as S Ganfhiraja. He was a resident of Thendral Nagar, Villapuram. More about him, the deceased was a driver. According to the reports, S Gandhiraja was killed on Saturday, May 27, 2023, near Madurai City’s Southgate. Since people heard about this hacked-to-death case, they are in wondering how did the perpetrators kill him and whether they have been arrested. We have answered all the imperative questions related to the killing of S Gandhiraja. Stick with this page and drag it down.


Hacked To Death in Trichy

The victim, S Gandhiraja was 28 years of age and was a resident of Thendral Nagar, Villapuram. It is alleged that S Gandhiraja was killed over enmity due to his relationship. After doing an investigation, the police stated that the victim was in a love affair with a girl. The girl was the daughter of Southgate’s Mayalagu who and his family did not accept their relationship. Meanwhile, the girl’s family warned and threatened the victim to stay away from her but S Gandhiraja refused to do so. Therefore, disputes between him and Mayalagu’s family occurred several times. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

The police further explained that girl’s lover S Gandhiraja was assaulted by the girl’s brothers and a minor on a railway track near Southgate NMR Bridge. Reportedly, the girl’s brothers, M Kalidasan, and a minor attacked S Gandhiraja with a billhook on Saturday night at around 8 pm. As a result of the brutal attack with a billhook, S Gandhiraja succumbed to his injuries on the scene. Drag down the page and read if the perpetrators have been arrested or not.

The police department of Southgate filed the murder case of S Gandhiraja and started the investigation. Upon investigating it was found that the victim was in a relationship with a girl whose family members killed him. Meanwhile, the Southgate Police made three arrests in the case. The three arrested people are Mayalagu and the girl’s two brothers Kalidasan and a minor. The corpse of S Gandhiraja was sent to Government Rajaji Hospital for autopsy. An investigation is still under process. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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