Gomoa Okyereko Accident Today: 16 dead, 40 injured in winneba accident

Shock waves are blowing from Gomoa Okyereko where a feared accident has cost the lives of a total of 16 people while many are still fighting for their lives. According to the reports, the heart-chilling crash occurred at Gomoa Okyereko on the Accra-Cape Coast highway in the Central Region. This was the matter of Tuesday morning at around 5 am when a collision occurred between a bus and a petrol tanker. Even it also sounds horrifying. The collision between two heavy-vehicle including a petrol tanker led to a devastating accident. Many families lost their beloved family members in his crash. The whole country is expressing its sorrow over this major crash that happened on the Accra-Cape Coast highway. We have explained and unfolded some noteworthy details in the following sections. Read it till the end.


Gomoa Okyereko Accident Today

A person who witnessed the crash with his eyes said that the collision was head-on and it happened between a bus and a petrol tanker in the morning hours of Tuesday at around 5 am in Gomoa Okyereko. Furthermore, the eyewitness explained that the bus was coming from Abidjan and heading to Buduburam while the truck with the petrol container was heading to Takoradi as it was coming from Acca. The Ghana National Fire Service responded to the scene within a few minutes. Continue reading the article and learn more details.

The person who witnessed the crash told the Ghana National Fire Service, the bus driver was not driving in a lane throughout the trip he had veered off his lane occasionally thus he came into the lane of the tanker which led to the fatal head-on crash. The Winneba Fire Service also responded to the scene. Kwesi Hughes, the Winneba Fire Service Commander DO II said, “So the tanker driver rather came into the lane of the Yutong because at the time the Yutong driver had also entered his lane,” Scroll down the screen.

As mentioned, the crash was head-on, therefore, the impact of the accident was so severe which led the 16 people to die and the tanker driver mashed. The Fire Service Commander described that other passengers on the passenger side of the Yutong were dismembered. A spokesperson for the Fire Service said we have been able to rescue the rescuable lives first, which we have done. We have sent them to the trauma and specialist hospital and the others have been admitted to a municipal hospital. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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