God! The man gave such a dangerous interview, some trembled, some fell in fear.

Most dangerous job interview: These days a scary and dangerous interview is being discussed all over the world, because far from passing this interview, the candidates who come for the interview are scared and some candidates even after giving the interview. He came out and fell on the ground.

During the interview, the candidates trembled with fear

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In any company job To get this, the most important thing is to crack the interview. The organization conducts interviews for the post for which there is a vacancy. Although many people crack the interview easily, still many can’t say anything in front of the interviewers, they can’t answer their questions properly. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for people to work in that company. Meanwhile, it’s scary these days Dangerous interview It is being talked about all over the world, because far from passing this interview, the candidates appearing for the interview are shaking with fear and some candidates fall on the ground after the interview.

Actually, this interview was for the position of Sales Executive at a Big Motoring World car dealership. According to the New York Post report, a total of four candidates came to interview for the position and all came out shaking. Rajat Sharma who lives in England also applied for this job. He said that when he came for the interview, there were three others present for the interview. Famous YouTuber Sid North interviewed him. Although the candidates did not know in advance who would interview them. When he got there he was told that Sid North would interview him.

Interview in BMW car

Then when Sid North came, he picked up all the candidates in a BMW car. At first the candidates thought they were going somewhere where the interview would be done comfortably, but when they were told that their interview would be held inside this car, they were in for a surprise. Well, Sid starts questioning him, but at the same time he speeds up the car. The car was moving at a speed of 180 km per hour and the road was turning at this corner and at other times at that corner. It seemed like when a car accident would happen.

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Candidates are trembling with fear

Now how will the candidates answer the question, their condition was already bad. She was shaking, feeling dizzy. When he got out of the car about two hours later, he was in such a state that he would collapse immediately. Two of the candidates fell down as soon as they got out of the car. However, as per the report, these four candidates got the job, the company selected them.


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