Who was Ghomer Dulay? Mother of children killed in accident speaks of ‘devastating’ loss

Yesterday we posted an article to inform you about a fatal crash that occurred on Rakaia Terrace Rd on Saturday afternoon but at that time we were short of some important details about the accident. Initially, no victim of the accident had been identified but recently the authorities confirmed the identities of the victims. Two people died and one was left critically injured in the crash. The three victims were siblings who traveled to New Zealand from the Philippines. The mother of the children waited for hours for a call to hear from her three children about their day and how they have been doing there but when she answered the phone she heard the most tragic news of her life she lost her two children and one is fighting for his life. Continue reading this article and learn more details about the victims.

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Who was Ghomer Dulay?

Gina Dulay, the mother of the victims spoke of devastating loss. For hours, she was waiting for her photo to ring at her home in the Philippines. When finally the phone rang it was the father of the children calling with tragic news. After a crash in Hororota on Rakaia Terrace Road on Saturday, August 5, 2023, at around 2:46 pm happened, two of Gina Dulay’s children were dead and a third was in critical condition. Emergency services were called to the accident scene to take the victims to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The victims who died at the scene were Ian Dulay, 17, and Khatricia Dulay, 19. The eldest sibling, 22, was critically injured. Their father Ghomer Dulay suffered moderate injuries. The mother of the dead children, Gina Dulay from the Philippines spoke with a relative helping to translate, behind her was a photo of Khatricia and a candle, “I am the mother of the two children dead” She said she last saw her children on May 25 when they and their father left the Philippines for a new life. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Gina Dulay further added, “They migrate for good so they will have a better future. They want to have a better life, so they live in New Zealand.” The mother also said that her children were sad to leave their mother and it was very hard for her too. But her children were excited for what lay ahead. The father of the children flew to the Philippines to take them with him. He has been living in New Zealand since 2015.

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