Who Is Georgina Beyer Partner? Meet Her Family And Net Worth

We know that most of you don’t want to hear the passing news of someone because it distresses you but we can’t change it. And it is important to know what is happening around the world and which famous personality is leaving us in a mourning state. Your assumption is right, we are again sharing the passing news of a famous personality who identified as Georgina Beyer. Other than that there are many people who want to know the details of their partner at Beyer. She was a controversial personality and an inspiration to many members of the LGTBQ community.

Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death

Who Is Georgina Beyer Partner?

She was a politician and labor Party Member of the Parliament of New Zealand. He was the 1st openly transgender MP in the whole world. Other than that she was one of the few ex-s*x workers with political office. Unfortunately, she took her last breath on Monday, 6th March 2023. She was at the Marry Potter Hospice located in Wellington when she took her last breath. Her death news is so sudden to hear and not only the LGBTQ community is mourning her demise but the entire nation where she was giving her service. People already start expressing their sadness about her demise. This late politician has fought for her community and supported the Civil Union Act of 2004 which helped LGBTQ members to get legalized civil unions for a gay weddings.

Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death

There is no doubt in saying that she had tirelessly served the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Now after her demise, people want to know about her partner and other details related to her demise. However, at the moment no details of her partner are out and it is not known whether she had any partner or not. Just like other famous personalities, the 65-year-old late politician kept her personal life under the cover. As a consequence, there are no details of her love life are known at this moment. Her death news is officially confirmed by her close pal Scotty Kennedy who stated that she was enclosed by her closest and dearest over the last few weeks.

Georgina Beyer Cause Of Death

Many known personalities are paying tribute to her after learning about her death news. Helen Clark, the ex-New Zealand PM was among the individuals who expressed their sadness over the demise of Beyer. The ex-drag performer was diagnosed with the last kidney failure in the year 2013. She gets a transplant in the year 2017. Prior to that, she needed dialysis 4 times a day and 7 days a week. Her health condition was not good and her fans are sad but relieved that at least now she is not in much pain.

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