WATCH: Georgia Football Coach Racist Video Lynching Jokes Surfaced Online

The video has gone viral of a Georgia athletics coach known for helping students get recruited by top-level colleges with the coach filmed using extremely vile and racist language- and most of it is geared toward people who look like many of the students he trains. Mark Taylor, who is white and leads Speed Edge Sports in Macon, on social media claims to have been the “Georgia High School Association Coach of the Year for track 6 years in a row” and a former University of Georgia defensive end who has gotten more than “16 in the NFL and 60 athletes at D1 schools”. Many of Taylor’s social media posts feature him training Black athlete-students, some of who have gone on to play professional sports.

Georgia Football Coach

Georgia Football Coach Racist Video

On April 10, clips of the trainer were shared on Facebook by Lauren Angelica Law, a self-proclaimed civil rights activist. It is blurred how Law obtained the videos or when they were filmed. In the video, Tylor went on to say,” Atlanta used to be a fun place and that non-white person can have it”, and encouraging his friends to come up and go “hunting”. He used the N-word and draws attention to a tree where he says a young black woman could be hung.

Curtis Harris’s son trained with Taylor says he stopped training with the coach due to some similar red flags.
He explained some of the things that the coach would say along those lines, “Like, hey. I got these many kids to come to stay at my house, I got this kid that comes stay with me and I got this kid come to use my toothbrushes, I took this kid here and there for free”. Harris also said that “If you got to start telling what you’re doing for other people, then you’re not doing it for the right reasons”.

The videos have since gone viral causing outrage among Facebook users with comments like, “Shame on you!” and “We don’t support racism”. It is confirmed that Taylor was previously banished from Houston County after being put on probation for stalking a teacher in 2007. He later requested the banishment to be removed from his sentence. A judge also granted his request. Well, racism is not a joke nowadays, we all should take a stand against it. We reached out to Taylor for comment, but his number has since been disconnected.

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