Fact Check: Is George Soros dead or alive? Hungarian-American businessman death hoax debunked

Social media is quite an interesting platform where we can get easily connect with anyone. Not only for connectivity but this place also shares many important information. However, it is not necessary that every information given on social media is true. Sometimes it is also found fake and creates a lot of buzz. Most of the time fake death news is shared online which pulls a lot of attention. This time as well people are talking about the passing news of George Soros but now people are smart and want the evidence of this news. There are many people who are believing this news to be fake and want to know the truth about it.

George Soros

Is George Soros dead or alive?

However, some people are believing it true and paying tribute to him on social media. Now after watching the confusion amongst people we are here to talk about this matter and will find the correct information about it. Hearsay of the death of financier George Soros have flooded the web yet again. The Hungarian American businessman, chief financier, and investor is popularly famous for his work in the orange coupe plots of many countries of West Asia. Because of his immense popularity and impressive net worth, he is unsurprisingly a subject of interest on the web. All these rumors have been started after a Tweet.

George Soros

Though it is essential to note that the 92-year-old businessman has not perished in reality. As per the reports, recently a post shared on Twitter by the user @CilComLFC went viral on social media. The netizen attached a black and white photo of the chief financier and wrote “BREAKING: George Soros has passed away of a violent cardiac arrest, as per Politics For All Ireland.” This tweet easily went viral on social media and people start circulating it. It is believed that the fake news started from a Twitter user who goes by the name @PolitcsFAIRL who asserted that the family of Soros that he died. In another tweet, the platform user asserted that “the world can sleep easier tonight,” after the death of Soros.

George Soros

Though the hearsay is completely false and he is fine and doing well. A user on Twitter, @NE0Ndemon was the 1st to debunk the death hoax. He asserted that the Twitter user @PoliticsFAIRL was behind spreading the fake news. He also informed followers that the account has only 3 followers, looking stating that it would not be right what the social media users assert as they are not an established news source. Social media need to take strict action against such people who share fake news.

George Soros

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