Genesis Phil Collins health update: Is he dead or alive?

As the age increases many diseases automatically came fore and forced old people to get admitted into the hospital. Whether it is a common old man or any elder celebrity these diseases never differentiate people, and put them into the hospital. At present, the fans of Phil Collins are currently worried about his health and want to know his current health update. He was recently admitted to the hospital and now the ex-Genesis guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford has updated admirers on the health state of Phil Collins. If you also want to know more just keep on reading this blog.

Genesis Phil Collins

Genesis Phil Collins health update

As per the reports, Collins has faced problems with his health since suffering an injury that he got in spinal in the year 2007. His spinal injury damaged vertebrae in his upper neck and also left him with nerve damage. His spinal wound has impacted or badly affected his ability to perform, and at the last ever show of Genesis in the month of March 2022, he gave his performance in a wheelchair. His fans were quite upset after watching his condition and that is why they are looking to know his current health status.

After watching the concern of the fans, Rutherford has talked about the health of Collins in an interview on BBC Breakfast in order to promote his forthcoming tour with Mike+ The Mechanics, in which Nic, the son of Collins will be seen playing the drums. Talking about the condition of Collins, Rutherford states that “As you know, Phil is a bit… He is much more motionless than he used to be, which is quite sad and shameful, but at the music tour, he was in very good spirits. He is fine now and currently at his home, enjoying his life.

Genesis Phil Collins

“He is served so hard over the years, I think he is enjoying his time at his house.” The interviewer asked whether Phil Collins or his son was the stronger drummer, Rutherford stated, “I always support the dads because I belong to this generation. There is no doubt in saying that Phil is the most brilliant and wonderful drummer but it does not mean that Nic is not good in fact he is brilliant too. Just like his father but quite different which is the obvious thing.”

The son of Phil Collines also played the drums for Genesis on their goodbye tour along with Rutherford. He states that “it was really nice to have the 2 of them abreast. After his injury, Collines has been not able to play the drums because of his bad health, stating on BBC Breakfast in the year 2021.

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