Fort Hood Soldier Death: Family of female soldier who died demand answers

It is not new to hear the passing news of your loved ones, especially the one who is serving the nation. But sometimes their death looks like they are part of the conspiracy and forces their family to lodge a complaint so that they can get the answers to it. The family of the female soldier is currently thinking the same after they heard her passing news. The female soldier has passed away at Fort Hood in Texas and the family demand answers about her sudden death. According to the reports, the family is demanding answers after the United States Army investigators stated late Thursday, 16th March 2023 that no foul play was evident in the passing of the female soldier but the family is not satisfied with their investigation and wants to know the real details.

Fort Hood Soldier Death

Fort Hood Soldier Death

The 21-year-old, Pvt. Ana Basalduaruiz, a combat engineer had worked with the 1st Cavalry Division for the last 15 months as stated by the officials. The officials of Fort Hood stated in the news release that “Army CID will continue to hold a thorough probe and collect all proof and facts to make sure they found exactly what transpired. Information connected to any possible harassment will be addressed and probed entirely.” According to the reports, the female soldier passed away on Monday, 13th March 2023. Lutienent, Col. Patrick Sullivan, who is serving in the 91st Engineer Battalion in the position of commander states that “We are feeling really sad by the huge loss of PV2 Ana Basalduaruiz.

“We are extending our condolences and sympathies to her mother, sister, and father. We know that it is tough for her family to accept her passing news and in this tough time, we are sending our deep thoughts and prayers to them. We are praying for the salvation of her soul and prayers to her family so that they can get some strength in order to fight it. She was an exceptional teammate that will highly be missed and respected by everyone.” Whereas the parents of Basalduaruiz stated that base officials informed them her demise was caused by the suicide, as reported by the media outlet.

Alejandra Ruiz Zarco, the mother of the late female solider, resides in Michoacan, Mexico where she rose her daughter informed the media outlets that her late daughter had complained as well informed that she was being se*ually harassed by an Army superior as well others on the army base. But they did not take any serious action which forced their daughter to take her own life. Well, what exactly the truth only come after the real investigation?

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